Our vacation was wonderful and now I am back home, ready to get back to my normal schedule. There were some great finds in my inbox this week, too!

From agoverseasfan – Have you fallen in love with McKenna yet? Rumor has it she is selling out fast and they expect her to be done by October.

Madison’s dolls Ivy,  Julie, Dana and the Barbie sisters are having a girls night. Coconut and Sugar are talking about who gets the bed.

little miss matched girls dolls

Sherie’s Little Miss Matched Girls Abbie (glasses) and Cheyenne are ready for the movies to begin.

A Girl for All Time Matilda

Sherie’s A Girl for All Time Matilda is cuddling with her teddy bear on Samantha’s Victorian Wicker chair.

From Erica B – The adventures of a Blythe doll! Today she got into the drawers of my dresser and discovered the lint roller!

Linda shared this photo of retired American Girl of the Year, Marisol in her tap dancing outfit. So cute.

From Lu – Here is my Felicity at the American Girl store trying to steal Ivy’s attention.

From Dakota – Ruthie and Lanie, starting a book club together. Although the books are a little big for them!

From Madelon – I was watching the Olympics trying to figure out how to make a volleyball net when I finally figured out how to use the two wooden plate holders my husband purchased for me for eight dollars each when the Great Indoors went out of business. I made them into stadium seating.  All you have to do is slide two dolls into each holder.

From Noelle – Kanani and Lauren are watching the sun set on the water at the cottage there having a great time.

From Nina – My dolls just did a fashion show. Standing are Lanie, Merida (from Brave), and Ruthie. Sitting are Marina (Lalaloopsy), Jess (a Barbie), Mary ( Just likeYou), and Coral (Lalaloopsy). Jess wasn’t in the fashion show, but she didn’t want everyone else stealing the spotlight.

From Ashleigh – Butterfly… Floating through the kitchen.

Abigail’s Kit is celebrating her birthday!

Gail found the NoviStars dolls in the store and took these photos for us. I also saw them and they are not as cute as I thought they would be.

We love seeing what you make for your dolls, adventures they have, and great finds. If you would like to submit your photo for next week’s Sunday Showcase, here are the basics:

  • RESIZE your photos to 540 pixels wide (this is easy to do using one of the free tools www.picmonkey.comipiccy.com or fotoflexer.com)
  • Email your photo to share@dolldiaries.com (it must be your own photo – do not take photos from someone else’s site and submit them as your own)
  • Put “SUNDAY SHOWCASE” in the subject line (I get a ton of email & this will make it easier to sort through)
  • Make sure you include a description or caption for your photos