Good morning everyone! I hope you are having a great weekend. It looks like the dolls had a great week!

From Shannon – Abby is proud of her ribbon she won at the fair.

From Fawn – The first Sunday in August was National Doll Day.  The girls celebrate the day visiting under the pecan tree with their dolls.

Another look at the super cute Saige mini cake from Suzanne – My daughter has been bugging me to make her cake for weeks, even though her birthday is three months away! So today I made a practice cake with mini Saige just for fun. We even had a pizza and made a party of it! You can see more pics on my blog at

From Alyssa – Last weekend my friend and I had a sleepover! She brought 3 of her dolls so we dressed three of hers and three of mine in baiting suits! I will name them from left to right!  The bitty baby with brown hair and brown eyes is named Sophia Grace and it’s one of my friends the one next to her is my bitty baby Abby. Next is her Saige and next to her is my Saige and then my Isabelle and last but not least her Isabelle.

From Madelon – Josefina gives her circus horse a kiss.

From Melangell – For our doll’s black top I started off using a piece of black poster board, but it wasn’t big enough for what I wanted to do.  Then, when walking through my local craft store, I saw this black tri-fold board (science fair backer board).  Perfect.  Plus it folds up for easy storage.  After some thought, I decided to use glow sticks for the hula hoop.  It was only $.99 for a pack of them at the craft store plus the kids got to play with them first.  I used the connectors to connect 3 and then covered them with the mini duck tape as directed in the original directions.  Our blacktop has Four Square, hopscotch, and a dodge ball circle plus some graffiti.  These are things found on the blacktop at my daughters old elementary school.

From Cordelia – Katherine and Rose baked a pie with the cherries they picked and carried home (the ones not eaten enroute!). Now they are enjoying their delicious treat.

This is my doll Jess dressed up as Laura Ingalls! I entered this picture in the Doll Wardrobe’s photo contest and I’d love it if you could stop by and vote for me! Here’s the link:

From Melangell (again) – This is the sewing I did for CDD this summer (I also included 2 tees I made for my daughters dolls for Vacation Bible School) which brings my tee shirt total to 29.  Plus 3 craft aprons and 2 hats!

From Georgia – This is Amberleigh.   She is wearing one of the new American Girl outfits. She loves the skirt but isn’t crazy about the new top.

From Tony – Jane has been helping her mother in the garden. Now she is helping her shell peas.

From Kristen L.~ I recently received an Etsy package from the Etsy shop, FromEchoWithLove. On her summer release, I bought these two Frozen shirts, one has Elsa & phrases from “Let It Go”, and the other has Anna & “For the First Time in Forever” written on it.

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This week’s THROWBACK THURSDAY THEME is RETIRED AMERICAN GIRL SHORTS SETS. Send in your photos to with the subject line THROWBACK SHORTS. (we only got one photo last week so I didn’t post it)