Are you ready to see what all the dolls have been up to this week? Let’s get started!

From Cordelia – Katherine and Rose are spending a rainy afternoon inside playing with their pets. They are also enjoying talking with each other about their hopes and plans for Camp Doll Diaries this summer!

From Kristen L.- Molly is playing with her puppets and mini dolls from the movie Frozen. The puppet set and mini doll set are from the Disney store.

From Rachael – Thank you so much for introducing me to Pippaloo blog with your recent giveaway – I had so much fun browsing through her sets… And ended up buying one! The girls were so excited when their set of Girl Scout cookies arrived last week that they convinced me to set up a cookie sale. Looks like they’re making quite a profit! 🙂

From JLJ – I believe that every girl should have opportunities to dress up and feel like a princess from time to time, so my Patience, Matilda, and Amelia Thimble pretended they were princesses this week.

From Tony – It’s a beautiful Spring day. Jane is joining her friend Cecelia for a picnic in the park. Unfortunately, ants have found the picnic too!

From Lena B – March 30th was my birthday!!! I got Isabelle’s studio and some of her clothes. This is a picture is Isabelle working at her new sewing machine.

From Janet – This week I made a dress and my mother made a suit for my Ellowynes.  My mother also made suit pants to go with the jacket and skirt.

From Pine Valley Girls Club. After McKenna tried on her new outfit (Cecile’s parlor outfit), she and Marie-Grace wanted to go on a fairy-tale adventure. So they did!

From Shannon – Addy and Kirsten playing with their dolls Sari and Ida.

From Bethany – This is my doll April, sporting one of her new outfits made entirely from socks. Now if I can just figure out how to make shoes…

From Mimiagstudios12 –  Aisha ( American Girl # 46 ) my African doll playing the djembe (an African drum) in her African outfit given to me by my father when he came back from Kenya . Can you hear the drums ?

Jess is ready for summer in this outfit. Perfect for the Fourth of July! Made from Liberty Jane patterns. From Beth.

From Melangell – This is my new Girl For All Time, Matilda. Most people have seen her in her meet outfit, so I decided to share a couple of photos of her in modern clothes. This is a tee shirt and leggings made using Liberty Jane pattern for BFC Ink dolls. I didn’t alter the tee shirt pattern at all and only shortened the length of the legs by 1/2 inch.

From Abigail:  Saige is such a wonderful doll.


From Gwen – This is Kaya practicing her ski moves in front of their horse Priscilla (and leaning against her, cheater) and Felicity hanging desperately to my shelf practicing her karate.

From Kitty K – Kanani has already voted for the American Girl Choice Awards!! Vote Here:

From Abigail – I dressed my sisters Barbie doll up as Elsa (from the new Disney movie, Frozen) and this is how it turned out!

From Isabella – Mosi and her doll Charlotte are playing dress up in the “attic” . Mosi found a dress her Grandmother made.

From Camille – April 5th is My ag doll Brooke’s birthday. Brooke is the Ag doll with the brown hair and the pink dress.

Marisol in retired AG culottes and OG rain boots– cute chair from Cracker Barrel!! From Cindy.

This is Isabelle on her birthday she got a seal and a letter. Also her class is reading her book. Yay!  From Caroline.

From Shelby-Grace – Josie (JLY #22) scores a “10” at her gymnastics competition.

From Kylie.

From Izzy- Savannah and Isabelle are filling out some early bird planning sheets for Camp Doll Diaries.

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