It has been another busy week in my inbox! Let’s take a look at what you all have been up to! We have quite a few photos this week, so this is PART 1, if you don’t see your photo, chances are it is in PART 2 which will be posted later today.

From Karen K on Facebook – Addy is Boston Strong!

From AGTubing – Saige taking an early morning walk.

From Alyssa – Molly with her broken foot. McKenna was teaching her how to do a back hand spring and she fell on her cat and broke her foot. Poor Molly!

From Angelique –  Voilet and Brett (customized Molly doll) take a picture outside! {It is beautiful here!} My new doll Katrina (#41) wearing a custom lemonhead103 dress, getting ready to be a bridesmaids in a wedding! Chrissa (renamed Paige) wearing the Garden boots from AG!

From Abbi – my Little Miss Matched doll is hanging off of my book shelf.

From Kaylee C – Lydia decides to take over the camera; right in the middle of the of Catheren’s photo shoot!

From Madelon – Inspired by last week’s Gotz Goodness post, Madelon took another look at one of her dolls, just to realize that she is a collectible 17″ Gotz Tara doll. Tara is also sculpted by Hildegard Gunzel and her face sculpt is a called “Taylor.”

Mimi visited Germany and sent in this photo of some dolls in a shop there. The entire top left shelf is Gotz dolls. I would have loved to visit a store like this!

From Meghan – Kaya buying groceries from Kit.

From Laurie – Elizabeth and Chrissa are having their own “Cupcake War”.  Who will win?

From Alisha C. -Emily has a special present for Molly. What could it be? Molly looks very anxious to find out. Meanwhile, Elsie waits patiently to cut the cake–it’s an ice cream cake and she’s worried it might melt soon!

From Bethany – April 23 was Shakespeare’s birthday. Katheryne and Kit are playing the parts of Romeo and Juliet.

From Anaiis – Saige getting her hair done at AG Dallas.

THANK YOU for all the wonderful photos! There are more to come in PART 2.