The excitement level in this house this morning is crazy – we are going to see WICKED (not in NYC) and we can.not.wait. It looks like your dolls have had some great adventures too – let’s take a look!

From Linda – McKenna and Caroline decorating Easter eggs. Their decorating set was inspired my Karen, Mom of Three. Thanks Karen!

Dear Doll Diaries, I love your website so much. It inspires doll lovers all around the world. My dolls and I just wanted to thank you guys for everything. From : Kylie, Samantha, Sonali and Eva.

From JLJ – The weather was perfect this week, so Amelia Thimble took her doll out for a ride on her trike. It’s a good thing she did it when she could as her tricycle is now broken because last night a big doll accidentally fell over and knocked it off the table.

Matilda enjoying a beautiful spring day. From~Sophia

From Cordelia – Katherine and Rose are wearing their new spring dresses and holding their Easter baskets filled with chocolate eggs. They have now eaten their eggs, but were very careful to keep their dresses chocolate free!

From Miriam – A picture from the annual doll Passover seder, and – Kit and Kyra, magnifier in hand, try to figure out what matzah pizza is!

From Lena B – The twins Stephanie ( blonde hair) and Sophia ( brown hair) are practicing their ballet. They want to be as good as their sister Isabelle.

From Wyn – On my blog,, I showed how to make this bunny for dolls.

Julie is celebrating a beautiful day in the Texas Bluebonnets. Submitted by AGTXGals 

From Agnieszka – Cristi (Paola Reina) enjoying a warm and sunny Sunday afternoon.

From Caroline – My Aunt told me that people used to wait in stores to get this doll for their kids and I’m glad I have her. She came with the name Taylor and I love her very much!

?From Shelby-Grace: Kit is ready to fly to the AG store on the airplane! The flight attendants gave her “wings” to pin onto her shirt, and she felt just like her heroine  Amelia Earheart! Kit wishes she could climb into the cockpit and be the pilot. I don’t think so Kit 😉 Unfortunately, her sister Mai could not join her on the trip because of an issue with one of her limbs, but Kit promised her to bring her home some goodies from the AG store!

From Madelon – Our Angelina Ballerina celebrates National Dance Week.

From Kira – Easter gifts and Happy Spring

From Cindy – AG doll#14 in retired Earth Day outfit and Nicki GOTY 2007 in retired AG t-shirt and Lilly Pultuzer shorts.

The dolls are headed to school – from Isabella 

From Cassie – MyAG #30, a doll I recently got a week ago.

From N at Paper Doll World – After drooling over photos of your beautiful Ellowyne dolls for years, I finally purchased one through Ebay as a reward to myself for completing my thesis project  (a simplified version of the process of getting a PhD). She is “Behind Blue Eyes,” renamed Viola after the character from “Twelfth Night,” and is probably the most beautiful doll I have ever owned. Thank you so much for introducing me to Wilde Imagination and for inspiring me to get this wonderful doll.

From Jessica-Melody enjoying some fresh air in her new Easter dress.

Emily and Saige decided it was a lovely day to have a picnic! From Hope P. (All Things Doll)

My teddy Marshmellow is dressed in her patriotic shoes and she has a flag on her shirt. Happy Freedom Day this Sunday as its a public holiday for us in South Africa. Wishes from Meg_DollFanInAfrica  

 From Paris – My new doll Jane Amie #38 looks super cool in her outfit today.

From Janet – This week I made a black dress and my mother made a denim blazer, a black blazer and a black skirt for my Ellowynes.

From Sewbig:  Melangell and I visited Montpelier Mansion in Laurel, Maryland.  We stopped to take a few photos in the garden.  This is Rebecca wearing a dress I made, and embroidered, using Thimbles and Acorns’ “1800-01 Wrap Front Regency Dress” pattern.

From Melangell – Sewbig and I took our dolls to an historic house and garden this week.  Matilda from A Girl For All Time is dressed in a Regency dress made from a Thimbles and Acorns pattern.

From Caroline – It was Kit’s birthday on the twenty third she had lots of fun.

From Linda – While Saige was ordering the iron ons from Doll Diaries Esty shop, McKenna and Caroline were busy sewing the T-shirts so they could iron on the decals as soon as they arrived!

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