Happy Sunday! Thanks to Karen (it’s her birthday today – so wish her Happy Birthday in the comments or on her FB page) for taking care of Doll Diaries for the past few days while I was away at a conference. I had great intentions of posting the Throwback Thursday post while I was on the plane, but during my first flight I had lots of room, but no in-flight wi-fi and then on the second flight we had in-flight wi-fi, but the plane was so packed and squished that I really couldn’t work even if I wanted to. If you follow Doll Diaries on Instagram, you saw Ivy getting her craft on at the conference – we had a great time and I will do a separate post later on sharing what we did.

Now, back to you and what your dolls did this week!

From Madelon – American Girl Felicity celebrated her birthday this week – it was April 21st.

From Jenny – What would it be like to be a royal princess like Anna and Elsa? As little girls in the castle, they have everything they ever wanted….including a dream doll room! You can see the whole video on Dreaming of American Girl gardenmomof2’s Youtube channel.

From Fawn – Earth Day, April 22, 2015 – There aren’t many living chestnut trees in the Appalachian Mountains any more because they became infected by a blight (disease) that made its way to the US from overseas back in the early 1900s. The American Chestnut Foundation is trying to save the tree by breeding it to be blight resistant.   Marcie helps to plant an American Chestnut in the hopes that this majestic tree will one day thrive again in the US.  For more information about the foundation’s work you can google www.ACF.org.

From Wendy – My dolls of the world collection. (So far) Back row: Oliver (Australia), Hannah (Africa), Josefina (Mexico), Julia (Scotland), Hope (Germany), Kaya (native Americans),
Front row: Eleanor (Canada), Lily (Philippines), Grace (France), Saige (USA), Rebecca (Israel), Victoria (Russia)

From Kristen L.– It was also Molly’s birthday this week! To all Molly’s everywhere; Happy Birthday!

From TeaTimewithMelodyQ – Lanie knew Earth Day was going to have some stormy weather so she celebrated earlier in the week by removing winter cover from the flower beds. Here she is watering a small sprout she transplanted. 

From Clara – Meet Autumn! She is enjoying her picnic with Buttercup the bear.

From Sheliya – This is a doll dress for an 18″ that I found at the thrift store. I am sending it to my cousin who has an old Samantha doll that has been passed through our family. Any ideas for some accessories to send with it?

From Darlene – Tennis anyone? 

From sunnyhappyfarm – Vivienne and Rebecca discover a cut, little bird on their snowman’s branch!

From Cordelia – Marisa has been visiting with Katherine and Rose since Easter and Rose has helped Marisa put together an outfit which is a new look for her. The dolls and I think that Marisa makes a great “Thirties Girl”!

From JGKelsey – “What should we do Dana?” Kelsey asks.  “Let’s build a house for our dolls!” Dana responds.  The two dump out all of the blocks and begin building a house for their dolls.  Kelsey works on the bottom, while Dana works on the roof.  Both of them finish off the house with a second story.  Then they get their dolls and play in the new house.  Dana’s doll sits inside on the couch, while Kelsey’s doll sits in the tower that she built.  “This is so much fun!” Kelsey giggles.

From Carrie P – Here is a picture of our newest doll, Ginger, playing Hungry Hippos with my daughter’s favorite doll, Hazel. (My daughter named Ginger because she felt her hair and eye color reminded her of ginger.)

From Erin (An Australian Girl Fan) – On our trip to the Sydney CBD 2 weeks ago, we stopped by the Sydney Living Museum to have a look at their latest expo called Toys Through Time. It is an expo dedicated to old toys and dolls (including Barbie, Sasha, Pedigree and Shirley Temple dolls). These antique Barbie dolls were only a small selection of what is on show there. They’re from a Sydney woman’s old childhood collection; surprisingly all in immaculate condition! We also went to the Powerhouse Museum and to my favourite street, Martin Place, to see Channel 7 Studios and the Lindt Cafe (a cafe that has a massive place in my heart), however the pictures I took there aren’t doll related (though I had a mini American Girl Doll Kit in my handbag, so she ‘visited’ the street too!).

From Descending Sky – London has requested that I ask if there are any dollies out there that would like to play ball. 

From Linda – It’s Arbor Day and my girls are always ready to help their community. Saige, McKenna, Julie, Nikki, Kirsten, Samantha and Caroline are doing their part by planting and watering young oak, pine and redbud trees.

From Peace – Me and my sister made doll taffy! We took modeling clay in taffy like colors, And wrapped it in parchment. Repeat for lots of yummy taffy for your dolls. Saige loves her grape taffy!

We love seeing what you make for your dolls, adventures they have, and great finds. If you would like to submit your photo for next week’s Sunday Showcase, here are the basics:

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