Sunday Showcase for April 22

I hope everyone is having a wonderful Earth Day! We are enjoying a calm spring rain which makes for the perfect Sunday, in my opinion! First, today it the last day for the April Reader Photo contest – get your entries in by midnight tonight and I will announce the winners tomorrow. Second, if you have not had a chance to take the Doll Diaries survey yet, please do – I am not sharing the information with companies – it is for my own personal use to make Doll Diaries an even better destination on the web! Plus, you have given me so much great feedback – I will be sharing answers to some of the questions and suggestions in future posts.

Here are some of the photos our readers have shared with me this week via email and also on our Facebook page.

Camden went to Washington DC and while she was there she bought McKenna at the American Girl store at Tysons. McKenna is taking in the sights in our Nation’s Capital – that is the Washington Monument in the background. Camden said the American Girl store did not even have McKenna’s gymnastics equipment on display.

doll spa

Laurie gave her dolls a spa day. She followed the instructions for washing their hair that the staff at the American Girl Doll Salon gave her and it turned out perfect!

Laurie also took Elizabeth out for breakfast in Deleon Springs. She got to make her own pancakes and made doll sized ones for Elizabeth too.

Alicia got her first My American Girl doll and named her Yvette. Too cute if you ask me!!

Madelon’s Little Miss Matched Sporty Girl loves to climb trees and thinks life looks great from up high.

Chloe’s dolls are enjoying this Sunday afternoon. Molly on the left, Shannon in the middle (Her grandmother brought her from Ireland in 2003) and Felicity on the right.

Tamra’s Samantha looks very comfy in her hand crocheted outfit.

Shauna’s dolls Samantha, Ashley(look alike), Mia, Julie, and Nicki are meeting their new friend Rebecca.

We love seeing what you make for your dolls, adventures they have, and great finds. If you would like to submit your photo for next week’s Reader Photo Spotlight, here are the basics:

  • Email your photo to
  • Put “Reader Photo Submission” in the subject line (I get a ton of email & this will make it easier to sort through)
  • Resize your photos to 540 pixels wide (if you can)
  • Make sure you include a description or caption for your photos


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  1. Laurie says:

    Firsty! I hope everyone likes my photos!

  2. cecille says:

    i love them

  3. qtlol11 (same as qtlol10) says:

    It’s raining where I am too. My mom says that it’s really good for the Earth.
    I hope you like my 2 photos!

  4. Rachel&Music says:

    Cool! :)

  5. Caitlin says:

    The one with Elizabeth was too cute!

  6. Laurie says:


  7. Ryan-Kennedy says:

    I like the miss matched doll.

  8. Shauna says:

    Did you get my photo submission?

  9. Char says:

    I just posted it.

  10. Shauna says:

    but did you get the one for the reader photos?

  11. Char says:

    Oops! Just found it! I will add it to today’s showcase. Thanks for letting me know.

  12. Chloe says:

    Wait theres another chloe? Im dtill keeping my comment name chloe though. I guess i could add a smiley face next time i comment

  13. Erica says:

    American girl is opening a store i Houston, Texas late summer 2012 at the Memorial City Mall. Just go to and go to about American Girl and then go to Press Room and that will tell you more. They are also opening one in Miami, Flordia! I’v noitced they have started build like two stores every year! Please, AG, come to Cincinnati!

  14. Erica says:

    I guess they have enuf money cuz they rasie the doll’s prices every year….

  15. Char says:

    Erica – I know, isn’t that exciting? We posted about that a while ago but can’t wait to find out their opening dates.

  16. caroline says:

    hi char! I am so sorry for putting in my its only natural photo so late!!! My dad was using the computer for work today so i didn’t get until evening to send it. Again so sorry!

  17. Char says:

    Caroline – no worries!! You got it in with hours to spare.

  18. caroline says:

    Char- :) thank you again

  19. Kt says:

    Happy earth day spent lots of time outside today it’s hot were I live no more snow anyways it’s always fun looking at Sunday showcase photos

  20. Chloe says:

    Do u guys recommend McKenna?

  21. Chloe says:

    And little missed matched

  22. Char says:

    Chloe – Little Miss Matched dolls are soooo cute, fun to pose and very affordable – check Toys r Us, or

  23. alicia says:

    the outfit yvette is wearing is one of the american girl fashion show outfits. I got it on ebay. I put it on her, and she looked adorable

  24. alicia says:

    I recomend mckenna, i have her and if your someone who likes to style your dolls hair, she is defitnetly for you

  25. alicia says:

    oh i wish i could get rebbeca.

  26. Sarah says:

    How fun!

  27. Shauna says:

    I waited like 3 years to get Rebecca but I haven’t gotten an AG doll for a LOONNGG time so I finally broke down and got her. So worth the money spent!

  28. Char says:

    That is great to hear!! That’s how I felt about Ivy.

  29. Pretty Irish AG says:

    @Chloe, I do recommend McKenna. Her hair is low maintenance