Happy EASTER!!!  I hope you are enjoying a nice day with family today. It looks like the Doll Diaries extended “family” has had a great week…

From Kristen L.- Molly and Kanani go Easter egg-hunting! We wish everyone a Hoppy Easter!

From Cordelia – Katherine and Rose wish everyone in the Doll Diaries Community the happiest of Easters. They are having fun being just a little bit silly with their bunny ears. The idea for their bunny ears came from Liz of American Girl Fan.

After church today, Pine Valley Girls Club went on an Easter egg hunt. Not only did they find lots of Easter Eggs but they also found some adorable chicks! Happy Easter!!!

It’s a beautiful day and Jane is having fun at the Easter Egg Hunt at the local park. Happy Easter! From Tony.

I took a family photo of all of my dolls for a Easter photo-story! From AGDTime/Hannah

From Sophie T – I wanted to say thank you to Karen and to Doll Diaries for the great Easter egg coloring craft idea! I had a great time making it and the dolls are enjoying their Easter activity, big sisters Felicity, Tess and Elizabeth showing little sisters Rahel and Chloe how to do egg coloring!

Madelon’s Madame Alexander Alex dolls from 2000 are dressed and ready for Easter – well, as soon as they find their shoes.

Elizabeth gave a tour of her bakery this week, “Something Sweet Bakery”! See the tour here! From Ella.

Kit and Isabelle enjoy the nice day in their Easter dresses . They just love there new butterfly umbrella from Cracker Barrel. From Isabella G.

From Julia – Here are my dolls and one stuffed animal ready for their Camp Doll Diaries planning retreat! On top from left to right: Bella, Josefina, and Bambi, a customized MAG 33. On the bottom from left to right: Samantha, Saige, and Isabelle.

Saige is ready for Easter with her basket of Easter eggs! From Beth

From Jessica-Yesterday was nice and sunny, so I decided to take Melody out for another photo-shoot! I couldn’t decide on just one picture to send in, so here’s a collage of three of the best ones.

I did a photo shoot of my dolls outside this and was my favorite picture. You can go on my blog www.adventuremyagabby.wordpress.com to see more pictures. From Gabby (ilovehorses)

Marisol, Margaret and Addy enjoying their Easter surprises !!! From Cindy.

From Agnieszka – Lauryce and I send you Spring greetings and wish you a Very Happy Easter!

Maria Sofia is enjoying the stunning cherry blossoms in Washington, DC. She looks beautiful against the blossoms, don’t you think? From Rachel E.

From Lena B – April 15th was Abigail’s birthday!!! Abby got a penguin stuffed animal. She had a great day.

From Shelby-Grace: Kit and Mai are so excited! Next week they’re going on a vacation, on which they get to visit the American Girl store! Kit and Mai are packing their clothes and things for their trip. “And I’ve got to bring this,” says Mai. “And I have to bring this,” says Kit. “No, there isn’t enough room for that,” says Mai. I hope they can work out their packing issues! The bag is the now-retired Starry Doll Carrier for girls.

From Madelon – Emily celebrates Easter in her new dress.

From Caroline – I found this adorable photo of when I first got Caroline.

From Bethany – I recently discovered how to put lipstick on my dolls. Don’t worry; it’s not real lipstick. Here’s how to do it: Take a strip of scotch tape and put it over your doll’s mouth. Using a permanent marker, trace your doll’s lips. Peel the tape off and stick it to something light-colored, so that you can see the lines you made. Color in the outline. Cut out the pair of lips you colored and carefully stick it onto your doll’s lips again. Try it; no dolls were injured or colored on in my experimentation.

Barbie is using her locker to keep her books and plush rabbit. Barbie hopes everyone enjoys the long weekeend and Easter. From Megan_DollFanInAfrica

From Katie M – I am visiting family for Easter with two of my dolls, Rebecca (HC) and Elizabeth Rose (BB)! I’m having an awesome time and so are Rebecca and Elizabeth Rose! :Happy Easter everyone!!

From DipperLovesSaige – Happy Easter Doll Diaries Readers! So Ryan took this Easter picture!

From Janet – Happy Easter! This week my mother made some T-shirts and a polka dot skirt and a black skirt, and I made a light blue plaid skirt.

From Kylie – Picnic Day

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