It looks like it has been another great week for you and your dolls! Thanks to all who have sent photos in – and welcome to all the new contributors this week. I am so impressed with the wide variety of dolls we get to feature this week – LOVE IT!!

From Caroline – My doll Isabelle saw the orphans and she felt bad for them so she did a bake sale in the park. She made lots of money for them!

From Shelby-Grace:  This is my Madame Alexander “My Life As An Outdoorsy Girl” doll named Alexandria. I put her in A Life Of Faith Kathleen’s dress and had a photo shoot. She looks so vintage, don’t you think?

This is a photo of Lanie in a recent photo shoot. From~ Sophia

From JLJ – Patience was quite surprised when she was crowned Prom Queen, and Amelia Thimble was crowned Prom Princess.

You know the saying “April showers bring May flowers”? Well, it’s true- it was raining on Tuesday, so I got some flowers. Just maybe not in the way you would expect …  Hear the whole story on my blog: from Chrissa

From Belleimage – This is my Gotz doll that I got from Epic Thrift store.

From Sarah – Here is a picture I recently took of Emily for my new blog. Go check it out here:

From Anne – Here’s a picture of my doll Bambi for Sunday Showcase.

From Lena B – This is my new mini Isabelle doll. My Caroline got her for me for my birthday. She is so cute and I love her pink highlight.

From Caylynn – Saige climbing a tree after a rainy day.

From Janet – This week my mother and I made some dresses for my Ellowynes.  I made the plaid dress and my mother made the other two.

Outdoors time submitted by Kylie.

From Vivienne Rose – This is my Kidz n’ Cats Sophie doll. I recieved her for my birthday. She is a beautiful doll!

From Julia – Maria (Springfield custom) and Guzzi (Extra Special Doll) are celebrating International Day of Roma (Gypsies) by dressing in the colors of the Romany flag, which Guzzi is wearing. It resembles the Indian flag because the Roma originally came from South Asia.

From Cordelia – Katherine and Rose have been given a fun school assignment. They are to to study their globe and identify every country from which a participant in Camp Doll Diaries will come. They already have Canada, the United States and South Africa on their list. Can you help them make their list complete?

From Lexi – Lanie can’t solve the Rubick’s Cube! 

From Tony – Jane is attending the County Spring Ball with her family and is excited to show off her lovely new gown.

My teddy got a new gown and she wanted to wear it even though its 31 C and its 5pm! Garfield is making sure Marshmellow does not get too hot.
Thanks Meg_DollFanInAfrica

From Agnieszka – Anna (Veronika, Carpatina) on her first walk this spring. We are so happy that the cold, winter days are over!

From Elizabeth – Last we week went to one of our favorite parks. They have a big lake so Emily (Madame Alexander) had to pose in front of it!

From Elizabeth – McKenna (American Girl) went outside on a windy rainy spring day. And her hair looked great in the wind!

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