***Sorry for the delay in posting this! Our internet connection at the hotel was terrible and I could not get this to post.

Madison B.’s doll Naomi pretended to be Katniss from The Hunger Games for a day.

Hi, this is Elly and I had my friend Sabrina over to watch the Puppy Bowl. She brought her doll Lanie (left) and I had my doll Lanie (right)! Don’t they look like twins?  By the way, I did my version of the downy dunk on my Lanie and it turned out great! Sorry Lanie on the left, but I think we will have to do the same to you before your 100% identical twins!

From Alyssa – Last Sunday was a beautiful day! So I went outside and took a pictures of Megan . I decided I would make a collage ! Enjoy.

Diana’s Saige loves Minnie Mouse!

Also from Diana – Thank you for introducing us to Harmony Club dolls, my Cyndi arrived today and she is gorgeous  The pictures do not do her justice.  I ordered one of the discounted dolls and of course the little smudge on the cheek was fixable, so I did my magic and she is perfect!  I added my own touch with jewelry and the AG jacket.  The outfit is from Harmony Club and I love those sandals.  Saige became her best friend immediately.  Cyndi’s hair is so soft and feels so real, her skin color and light pink nails are awesome.  This is what a doll should look like, WOW!

From Venus – Ivy modeling her new Doll Diaries top over her purple AG tee and skirt.

From AGInParadise – I thought Kit’s scooter was retired…So I took this picture before checking the AG website. But here is Kit on her scooter!

From Jan – Talking with best friends on Valentine’s Day.  Happy Valentine’s Day!

Madelon bought her Ellowyne some new PJs – that are actually $6 Buildabear Small Frys clothes! I think it looks awesome!  Great find.

From Tony –  Jane (Marie-Grace) wishes Everyone a happy and fun Valentine’s Day! This is the first time I have tried a fishtail braid, thanks to Megan for the tutorial. I think it turned out pretty good, but still need practice! 🙂

From Aayat – Recently, my friends doll Holly and my doll Amber(our generation doll Evelyn) had a sleep over and played modeling.

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