Good morning everyone!! Have you been watching the Olympics? I just love the new Slope Style event – those athletes are just awesome. Actually I love all the events and spent most of the day yesterday watching it. Before I post your photos this morning, just a quick note – there will be NO Sunday Showcase on Feburary 16. We will be at Toy Fair. Sunday Showcase will be back on February 23.

Now let’s see what your dolls have been up to this week.

From Stephanie J – My dolls (and my Mom’s dolls) are all ready for the Olympics! They participated in their own Ladies’ Singles Figure Skating and Women’s Snowboarding events.  In the skating event Team USA swept the podium – Isabella took the Gold, Ariana the Silver, and Zoey the Bronze.

In the Women’s Snowboarding event Team USA went 1 and 2 – Kaitlyn winning the Gold and Molly the Silver – while the Bronze went to Emily from Team Great Britain.

From Linda – On our way to Sochi!  from sisters Lily, Cora and Eva

From Megan – Chrissa, McKenna, and Nicki show off their favorite awards they have won in honor of the 2014 Sochi Olympics.

From Cordelia – Katherine and Rose are having great fun making Valentine’s Day crafts and cards. They want to wish the Doll Diaries Community a very happy Valentine’s Day  this Friday and hope that everyone has lots of chocolate to eat.

From Tony – Jane and I wish Char and Everyone at Doll Diaries a lovely and happy Valentine’s Day!

It snowed where I live, and Patience decided to go play in it! –Abby

From Echo – Echo and her best friend Jillian found themselves in quite the puzzling situation this past week when they were putting together a brand new puzzle and found that one of the pieces had gone missing. Check out Echo’s blog for a three part photo story if you want to see how things finally came together in the end. {]

From Abigail – Bye Bye, Saige!! See you soon!!  I had to send Saige to the AG doll hospital, she was defective. One of her legs was longer then the other.

From Agnieszka – A portrait of Amelia in front of a XIXth century palace.

From Paper Doll World – Attached is a picture for the Sunday showcase of Isabelle sewing a new dress for Sally. Isabelle is focused on making sure the dress turns out well, but Sally seems to be more interested in finding Isabelle’s button supply so she can grab a few for her collection.

From Ella – I won the Readers Photocontest for January!  I won the shirt and a little bag! Visit my blog to see everything!

From Aileen –  I wanted to show off my new Dollie and Me doll that I’ve named Danielle. She’s standing with all her Madame Alexander sisters and the new puppies and tea set I got them.

From Elizabeth – Kit and Anneliese- friends forever.

From Paris – PhotoBomb! Looks like Kanani had to much fun taking pictures she just jumped right in to Brooke & McKenna’s picture!

From Emily – This is my first time posting a photo! These are all my dolls starting at the back left hand corner: Josie, Julie, Kailey, Isabelle, Caroline, Mia, Claire, Hayley, Saige and Megan. 10 dolls in total!

From Kaf – Brooke-Lyn (BFC Ink Brit) collects Hello Kitty. The house arrived this week. Is a dolls dollhouse too big when she needs a ladder?

Al E. Kat (by Russ) is writing Valentines to his sweetheart. He hopes everyone has fun this week. Thanks for this great sharing opportunity, Meg_DollFanInAfrica.

From Bethany – Friendship is just magical, isn’t it?

From Kitty-Kat – This is one of my AG dolls, Kit, who is competing in the Dollympics for Team USA in the freestyle skiing. I just made the skis and will soon post on how to make them on my blog,

Pine Valley Girls Club‘s Marie-Grace had a wonderful weekend exploring the secret garden she found. The garden was filled with mystery and she couldn’t wait to tell her friends about its wonders.

Alice was excited to see that it was snowing!! Submitted by: Shannon
From Julia L.– Nikki is practicing her flute in the new outfit my mom and I made.

So remember, NO Sunday Showcase on February 16 – it will be back on February 23. Have a great week!