Sunday Showcase February 3

Happy Sunday! I hope you had a great week! We have lots of great photos to share this week so let’s get started.

From Hanna B – Chrissa and Gwen love the new matching headbands that I made them.

From Alyssa – Kit is testing out the slide on the duct tape loft bed I made inspired by Natalie’s loft bed post.

From Rachel M – I was in AC Moore when I found this great find. A craft feather boa that is a great size for 18″ dolls. It is a yard long, but if you don’t like the length you could always trim it. Springfield Doll Maria looks very cute as the model.

From Sherie – Here is Kidz ‘n Cats doll Tinka who we have renamed Giovanna.

From Paris – the dolls celebrated National Smile Day earlier this week.

From Julia – I saw Natalie’s craft post and it was just so cute!!!! I needed another doll bed, too. I put fabric on the box instead of duck tape and used a spare unfinished quilt for the blanket. I also made a quick bolster pillow. The inside of the box, I decided, would be an art studio for a soon-to-arrive Saige, and so would the bed. Samantha is testing it out to make sure it is comfortable. So far, she says it is. I hope you like it!

Fromm Hannah C – In honor of Pride & Prejudice’s birthday i dressed up my doll Millie as Jane.

From Katie – Snow White just loves the snow!

From Gailvote for my photostory for the Harmony Girls contest please.

From Emmalee – Alexis works on her handstand

From Hannah B – Sonali and Kit are playing a memory game together. They had a lot of fun!

From Lizzie – This is my Journey Girl Kelsey doll I bought at Toys R Us last year.She came with a floral dress, leather like vest, pink strappy sandals, and a suede purse.

From Kathy – Caroline is finally getting ready to enjoy a day of ice skating! She has had the flu, and had to stay inside for quite a while. Caroline sewed and embroidered her drawstring purse while she was stuck indoors to help pass the time.

From AGinParadise – This is Saige in her new art studio! The paint brush I found in my old paint set, the Canvas is made out of paper and painted by me, the water cup is from the AG plates and cups exclusive, the easel is actually a photo holder, the paint pallet is from a tutorial on youtube, and the bubble gum machine was from my friend for Christmas!

From Jan – Here is a collection of my favorite dolly pictures.  My three favorites were the one of Nicki in the snow (Yippee, snow day!) the one of Nicki and our kitten, and the one of Nicki and Rebecca (close up). I hope you enjoy these photos; I’m sure my dolls had a lot of fun posing for them!

Hey, I’m Elly and I love dolls! My dolls are waiting for the new Doll Diaries camisole that I am so grateful for winning! These aren’t all pictures of my dolls, some of them are just the same doll because I’m busy getting them ready by dressing them up and giving them “makeovers” for an upcoming special event! As soon as the Doll Diaries shirt comes in the mail I will send you a picture of my dolls modeling it! 

From Tony – Jane (Marie-Grace) is enjoying Sunday afternoon tea and cakes… She’s wearing Josefina’s party dress, shawl, and hankie and Elizabeth’s shoes and pearl necklace.


Also from Tony – Jane is wearing Magic Attic doll hair extensions in her hair (a curly piece and 2 braided headbands with pearls). The hair color is a little different, but it works well for an easy updo.

From Sydney – I took a few pictures of Lauryce outside after the snow melted. Here she is sitting on a bare tree branch.

From Madison – Felicity and Saige had a great day with Spots and Pepper!

From Molly – This is an outfit I sewed for Mini Molly today.  I enjoy dressing her in old-fashioned styles–believe it or not, they’re relatively easy to sew.  She is also settling into her new room-she just moved into a tree house!  I’ll try to send in a doll house tour soon.  Molly and I are both very excited.  (I think she’s hoping Emily will come to live with us soon. )

From Sheila on our Facebook page – Getting ready for Valentine’s Day. 

From Emma on our Facebook page – Waiting for the rodeo parade to begin!

From April – Saige arrived in Australia this week.  She came on a road trip with us today and was enjoying the view of the cows and the country side.

From Maddy– I made my doll Sabrina two duct tape dresses, she loves them!

From Noelle – a doll’s point of view.

We love seeing what you make for your dolls, adventures they have, and great finds. If you would like to submit your photo for next week’s Sunday Showcase, here are the basics:

  • RESIZE your photos to 540 pixels wide (this is easy to do using one of the free tools or
  • Email your photo to (it must be your own photo – do not take photos from someone else’s site and submit them as your own)
  • Put “SUNDAY SHOWCASE” in the subject line (I get a ton of email & this will help ensure yours makes it in)
  • Make sure you include a description or caption for your photos

**NOTE – because I will be at ToyFair next Sunday, all Sunday Showcase entries for this week MUST be in my inbox by FRIDAY or they will be kept for the following week.

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    Cool showcase! I posted my pic for this, but it ended up it the Super Bowl post. I actually think it goes better there!

  3. Ellie says:

    In the Super Bowl post, I mean.

  4. Vivi says:

    4thie !

  5. April says:

    Tony; your ‘Jane’ is perfect-so beautiful. Thanks for sharing.

  6. emmalee says:

    thank you for posting my photo char do you win anything if your photo is on sunday showcase

  7. super cute

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    Great pictures, love that doll headband.

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    Oops like 10thie

  11. Katie says:

    Thanks Char for posting my picture! Wow, guys I like the pictures!!!!

  12. Jessie says:

    Cute dolls! 😀

  13. hannah says:

    how many hannah’s are there?!

  14. sabrina says:

    great photos everyone!

  15. N says:

    Tony, Marie-Grace’s curls are so cool!

  16. Kaylee says:

    Emmalee – sorry but no, you don’t.

  17. Char says:

    No prizes for Sunday showcase – just reader photo contests

  18. Gail says:

    lost the photostory contest but check it out anyway!

  19. Ava says:

    I love Marie graces hair, tony!

  20. Jan says:

    Thank you for posting my collage! :). I love the duct tape dresses, Maddy! There are very creative and pretty!

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    Meant they

  22. AB says:

    I love Marie grace’s hair!

  23. Lia says:

    I love Giovanna, Sherie and I love Jane’s gorgeous hairdo, Tony!

  24. Agnieszka says:

    Great photos, everyone!
    Tony, you make your doll look so beautiful in Jane Austen-style clothes and hairdo! Thank you for sharing the pictures!
    And I like Caroline going ice-skating, she looks so cute in this outfit!
    The doll’s point of view is also a very interesting photo with the misty houses and the moon so distant, yet so bright.

  25. Molly W. says:

    Oh Char I’m soooooo super dooper sorry! I just realized I forgot to resize my picture! I know that’s a big pain for you, and I think I forgot on National Puzzle Day too. Soo sorry again….
    On the other hand, I FINALLY remembered to send in a picture for Sunday Showcase! haha I love everyone else’s too! It’s very humbling though as I realize how much I fail as a photographer…. 😉 XD
    One final thing-thoughts on Saige’s hair? I mean, hair pick or hair brush? Do you need to do anything to keep up her curls? Is it a good idea to take her hair out of the twist thing it comes in? I’m trying to figure it out. 😉

  26. Claire M. says:

    Tony- How did you do Marie-Grace’s hair????

  27. ownerof4agdolls says:

    One of the best sunday showcases ever!!

  28. AGInParadise says:

    All the pictures are so cute! Thanks for posting my picture Char! The pictures of Marie-grace make me want to go over to AGP right now and buy Josefina’s Party dress! And the hair extensions for MG…She looks amazing in that outfit!

  29. bailey says:

    elly- is elysia jly 47??

  30. Megan!!!!!! says:

    Marie-grace looks…….well……STUNNING in that up do!!!!!!!! i love it.

  31. Tony says:

    Love ALL the photos for today!! Thanks, Everyone! : )

    Jane (Marie-Grace) is so thrilled to be the “cover girl” for this Sunday Showcase – thanks, Char! : )

    Thanks for all the compliments on Jane’s hair – It was simple. I did a braid in the back and pinned it up. Then added the Magic Attic doll hair extensions. Pinned on the curley hair piece on top of her head and the braided headbands snap together at the back. The Magic Attic doll hair extensions are kind of hard to find now, best place would be eBay I think. The black ones for Rose show up from time to time, but the other ones not so often.

    Hanna B – Love the headbands!

    Alyssa and Julia – the loft beds are so cute! Great job!

    Hannah C – Millie dressed as Jane from Pride and Prejudice looks lovely!

    Kathy – Glad Caroline is finally over the flu! Love her cute purse she made!

    Molly – The mini Molly dress looks awesome!

    April – Crikey! Love the pic of Saige in Australia. Have fun!! Hope she seee some kangaroos!

    Maddy – the duct tape dressed are so cute!

    Thanks again, Everyone for the great pics! : )

  32. Rachel says:

    Maddie, I love those dresses. And April, I love the way you took that picture of Saige.

  33. Saigeluver:) says:

    any more posts for the days

  34. Heather Leabman says:

    These are the most awesome pictures – Tony, you have helped a hair-challenged stylist – Your Marie-Grace looks A-M-A-Z-I-N-G! I have a feather braided hair extension that I clipped in Kanani’s hair and it blends in really well, but it’s just long and wavy. This looks so complicated and gorgeous! Thanks for letting us in on your MG doll’s one of a kind look. Noelle – I love a doll’s point of view. These pictures are so cool! Mini Molly in a treehouse, all the duct-tape crafts and Caroline looks very healthy and perfect in her ice skating set. I had complications from the flu and was gone for a while, but brought Kanani in with me. She said the hospital food tastes better than what I cook here at home. I should ground her 😉

  35. cecille says:

    Wow great pictures .Tony Marie Graces hair looks so good

  36. cordelia says:

    A lovely showcase. Tony, your pictures of Marie Grace as Jane are amazing–the dress, the hair,and the treats! Noelle, taking the picture to show the doll’s point of view is very creative. And Molly W. your mini Molly’s dress and Maddy, your Sabrina’s duct tape dresses are so cool.

  37. Sierra says:

    Oh my goodness, I actually thought Marie-Grace’s hairstyle was real! It is so beautiful. Cute pic’s everyone!

  38. Angela says:

    Noelle– You must be an all star photographer! Amazing job!!


  39. Keely says:

    Don’t you mean Chrissa and Sonali