Ok doll fans, I have to work fast! I have eight wonderful guests coming over in 3 hours to help Natalie celebrate her birthday in style, so I need to get the Sunday Showcase photos posted quickly and then finish up a few last minute things. Thanks to everyone  for sending in such great photos this week!

From Christina on the Facebook page – We’ve been doing our Nutcracker Advent calender and hanging the books on the tree house! Caroline makes a lovely Nutcracker princess!!!

From Jessica at our Facebook page – Nellie, Samantha and Rebecca in the 1904 Living Room.

From Karen K on our Facebook page.

Hi! It’s Railey again and today I got the Doll Diaries T-shirt!!!! I quickly put together this scene and wanted to send it in ASAP!!! I now realize that by the time this is published it will be past Christmas but that’s okay!!! I just wanted to say thank you and wish you ALL a Merry Christmas and VERY happy New Year!!!!!

From Ashleigh – I was the winner of the Springfield armoire and it arrived Christmas Eve! THANK YOU DOLL DIARIES!!!!! Lilly (JLY 34) and McKenna (GOTY) decided to pose for a picture with it!

The girls told me that they could stay up long enough to see Santa… but they fell asleep around 10:00 p.m. They made cookies (from Kit’s Holiday baking set) and milk (little communion cup stuffed with toilet paper) and put it on the table (Pet Portrait Set pedestal). Also, thanks to Char’s idea, I made reindeer food out of torn-up paper that I colored brown. (I’m not sure if that’s in the picture or not.) They couldn’t wait and were determined to see Santa, but the girls just couldn’t stay awake. At least they will get presents because they are asleep. Merry Christmas! P.S. This takes place Christmas Eve, if you were wondering. From Aubrey G

Merry Christmas from Madelon.

From Kathryn – Kirsten and Kit are hanging out in the new outfits I sewed for them.

From Sophie – Enjoying the new First Class Flight Set.

Kanani loves her new dress from DreamWorld Collections that she won! Thanks for sending this in “kananirulz“!

From Becky – Kit is ready to go sledding with her new sled.

From Noelle – Meet Eva Adelle she is My American Girl #55 she is so Adorable! I got her from my Dad the greatest present this Christmas!

From Nina – I just got Caroline! Here she is with her bed and Meatloaf the puppy! I hope you had a Merry Christmas, too!

And Chloe’s new Caroline!

From Sophie T – Sophie sent in so many cute Christmas photos but this one is my favorite!

From Kaylee – For Christmas, I recieved a couple new Monster High dolls. One of them are new from the Scaris collection, Jinnafire Long. I attached some photos I took of Jinnafire after taking her out of the box in case you wanted to feature them on Doll Diaries for some of the Monster High collectors. Thanks! (Kaylee, Natalie got a lot of MH dolls for Christmas and her Birthday – lots of MH photos coming soon).

Also from Kaylee – I got Dell for Christmas and she is so adorable! She reminds me of the MyAG number 55, who I also have and asked for Dell to be her little sister. I would recommend her to anyone who’s on the fence about getting her because trust me, if you think she’s cute online, she’s even better out of the box!

From Madison – Molly, Ivy, Julie, Dana, Jade and Abb. I got the clothes from the Nutcracker Market.

From Maddie – Sadie and her dog Honey are having fun making a ginger bread house!

From Becky – Caroline and Marie-Grace playing a quick game of chess.

From Mattie – Kanani enjoying the afternoon sun!

From Sabrina – My doll Charlotte is saying thank you for the Doll Diaries t shirt!!! Thank you she loves it!! She was just washing dishes with kitchen and I got for Christmas. It is the Our Generation kitchen from Target.We got the Doll Diaries t shirt 2 days before Christmas!! Just in time for Christmas!! Thank you Doll Diaries!!

From Rachael – Felicity, Elizabeth, and Kit decided to have a slumber party! 

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