Good morning! What do you have planned for the day? We are going to set up the Christmas tree as a family and then Natalie and I are going to be putting together three special doll packages for a local family in need who have three girls. I am loving all the photos you are sending in for our Dollidays event – keep sending them in!

Let’s see what your dolls have been up to this week.

From Cordelia – Katherine and Rose are very excited about their Christmas preparations, but are taking a few quiet minutes to admire their decorated tree.

From Annie W – Sadie Elizabeth is showing off her new ice skating performance dress.

From AshleighluvAG: The girls are getting into the Christmas spirit and putting up the tree! Holly and Isabelle are stringing lights and McKenna is standing up on a chair putting the star up, she begged to do it this year! While Tutu the kitten is just lounging around on the bed, the dogs Rembrandt and Cooper want to help put up decorations!

My friend and I threw a Christmas party for our American Girl dolls! They had a ton of fun! Here is a picture we took with our six dolls total. From bottom to top, left to right~ Julie (my friend’s doll), Emily (my doll), Nicole (my doll), Emily (my friend’s doll), Kit (my doll), and Jasmine (my friend’s doll). Thanks! From Samantha.

From Wendy – Julia and Eleanor Grace are looking great and ready for canadian winter in their new handmade sweaters.

Don we now our gay apparel.” The poinsettias on Josey’s dress are native to her ancestral home of Mexico. From Fawn

From Becky – This is a photo of McKenna wearing Ann Boleyn Medieval Renaissance Princess Doll Dress and French Hood from Carpatina. It dress brings out the reddish highlights in McKenna’s hair. This dress is top quality.

From Georgia – I saw picture online where they used Molly’s table with retro diner.  I haven’t finished yet.  got to put some food/plates on table.

We love seeing what you make for your dolls, adventures they have, and great finds. If you would like to submit your photo for next week’s Sunday Showcase, here are the basics:
  • RESIZE your photos to 540 pixels wide (this is easy to do using our favorite photo editing site Picmonkey)
  • Email your photo to (it must be your own photo – do not take photos from someone else’s site and submit them as your own)
  • Put “SUNDAY SHOWCASE” in the subject line (I get a ton of email & this will help ensure yours makes it in)
  • Make sure you include a description or caption for your photos
  • Please just send in ONE photo per week for the Sunday Showcase so I can include everyone’s photos. If you have something longer or want to submit more photos visit the Get Featured page.