Thanks to all who sent in photos for this week’s Sunday Showcase – I know you missed it last week and I am happy to share all the doll adventures for the week.

From Kristen L.- June 30th was Molly’s birthday, and since Kanani and I recently visited Hawaii, we decided to throw Molly a Hawaiian birthday party! Hau’oli l? h?nau Moli!(pronounced How-o-lee Laa Haa-now, Happy Birthday Molly!)

Pine Valley Girls Club– We are finally back from vacation. We missed you a lot and are happy to be able to send in pictures again. Here is Marie-Grace in her summer dress at our Grandparents’ house in Canada.

From Linda – Kirsten and Samantha are getting ready for bed and wanted to read their dolls a bedtime story.

From Tony – Jane found an injured red bird in the park. She is nursing it back to health and then she is going to release it back where she found it.

From Georgia – Catherine enjoying the sunshine before it gets too hot.

Ania (Celia by Asivil) is spending her holidays at the Baltic seaside. The weather is fantastic, so hot and sunny. We wish you nice holidays, too! From Agnieszka

From Shelby-Grace: Kirsten hopes you all had an awesome week! This photo is from a recent photoshoot with her, you can see more pictures from that here:

From Beth – Josefina feels right at home in the park.

Isabelle welcomes her friends Cecile and Marie-Grace’s arrival in Cape Town. She wishes it was a sunny day but it has been raining for 2 days. Tomorrow they go to the beach. Enjoy your Sunday. Regards Meg_DollFanInAfrica

From Lizzie PeppermintMochaAG: The poster for my new series coming home, premiering on my YouTube channel ( on August 2!

From Melangell – We are a bit late on some of our Camp Doll Diaries projects.  Here is the telescope that I made inspired by science week.  I used instructions from My Froggy Stuff’s YouTube channel.  All the pieces are rolled paper (my children’s old school work that was slated to be recycled), some colored construction paper, a glue stick, faceted jewels, school white glue and paint.

From Sandra – This is McKenna on doing gymnastics with her school sweater, her other leotard, her jacket, and her meet outfit.

From Analia – I did a photo shoot of my doll Emily last week. Emily enjoyed posing in the flower garden. If you would like to see more photos of Emily, take a look at my blog, The Doll Gallery, at

From Stephane – I just saw Isabel ‘movie it is amazing.

From Zoe – Saige having an amazing day getting her photo taken 🙂 See more at

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This week’s THROWBACK THURSDAY THEME is RETIRED AMERICAN GIRL SHORTS SETS. Send in your photos to with the subject line THROWBACK SHORTS.