It is time for another Sunday Showcase! My inbox is overflowing so I know this will be a good one.

Delaney has discovered PicMonkey and how to make fun collages with it. Here is her collage featuring her dolls Lanie, Molly, Julie, Isabel, Emily, Riley, and McKenna.

From Asmita – Here is my Mckenna, I think she is one of the prettiest GOTY after Chrissa. In this picture Mckenna is with her new stuff she bought from the AG mall.

Jackie was one of the Doll Diaries t-shirt winners and sent in this photo of her doll modeling it.

From Madelon – We got our new doll this morning when I was looking for possible outfits for Ellowynne. I saw this Ken Fashionista short set and tried it on the Artsy doll. The pants don’t close in the back, but I think she looks super cute. Better than Ken!

From Kiley – my dolls Selena and McKenna at Selena’s soccer practice.

From Brianna – Today the UPS guy dropped off a package. We thought it was for my sister but it was for me. My mom and I were both shock because I can’t order anything from online. It came in a decent size box. My mom opened it for me,and as soon as she opened the few flaps, we knew were it was from. It was wrapped in lots of pretty tissue paper taped with a Springfield Collection sticker. What came in the tissue paper was the robe and pants, and a hanger. The pants reminded me of my old ones when I was younger. And the robe was my favorite. I have many many outfits and accessories for my dolls, but this was one outfit I didn’t have. This was such a big surpise to get in the mail today!

The shower Emily made for her dolls from a doll box.

From Nina – My dolls are playing pretend! Lanie is Caroline, Ruthie is Rebecca, and Mary (Just Like You) is McKenna.

From Amanda – Julie, Kit, and Kanani are having a relaxing day at the inside-beach (it was raining outside)! They are all wearing swimsuits I made myself. Julie is wearing a tankini, Kit is wearing a one-piece, and Kanani is wearing a bikini. It was a blast making the swimsuits!

From Hayley – Kirsten ( bold doll who is now my cancer doll ) ,Cecile ( Cecelia ) , Chelsea( Chrissa when she’s modern ), Marie grace ( Rachel when shes modern ) , and Lanie.

From Maggie – This picture is a picture of my Kanani wearing her dolldiaries t-shirt from the July Reader Photo Contest!! Doesn’t she look adollable?!

From Emily and Madelon – Our doll had just finished exercising and has made a lemon smoothie using her lemon squeezer.

From Chloe -I put my headphones on my newest doll McKenna. Isn’t she adorable?

From Lisa – I thought you might like this photo of Hearts for Hearts Rahel in a pattern put out by Patchwork Pansy for Ellowyne. It’s called “In the City” and fits Rahel like it was made for her. The top blouses a bit, but we like how it looks.

This is another photo that was supposed to be part of Sharry’s 70’s Party Doll Play activity, but I forgot to add it in. The girls still look groovy.


We love seeing what you make for your dolls, adventures they have, and great finds. If you would like to submit your photo for next week’s Sunday Showcase, here are the basics:

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