You are AWESOME!! I love all the photos that were sent in this week. Here is the next set of photos in this week’s Sunday Showcase. (Did you miss Part 1 – go here)

This is my Journey girls doll Kelsey. She is modeling the plate we made based on the doll diaries post how to make a doll plate out of candy wrappers. The middle is made with Reese’s cups wrappers. From Erica B.

From CordeliaKatherine (Samantha) is wearing a retired hat from the Nellie collection that goes well with her blue dress. The purse completes the look, she thinks.

Also from Cordelia,  Rose (McKenna),who doesn’t have a suitable bonnet of her own, is trying to choose from among Katherine’s (all retired from the Samantha collection). Which one do you think she should choose?

Diana’s dolls are hiking in the mountains in their retired outfits.

From Tony – Jane (Marie-Grace) is doing some Spring cleaning. He cat, Ginger, is taking a nap so she’s trying not to wake her.

From Paper Doll World – Saige wearing a bracelet for a headband.

Pamela made a mini book using Karen’s instructions from Friday – too cute!

Yesterday was Internation Pillow Fight Day – yes, this is from Madelon, and Chrissa is taking the lead on starting the pillow fight.  Chrissa’s pjs are by Springfield and the My AG is wearing retired AG pjs.

From Alyssa –  Saige texting her friend Julie on my sisters phone. 

From Julia – Clover, my new Build a Bear!

Also from Julia – Saige is all dolled up for some AGP Boston fun, combined with a sleepover! She thinks it will be more fun than her vacation to Washington D.C.! (She had to stay in the hotel room and lobby during then.)

Would you believe me if I said that we are not done with the Sunday Showcase photos yet? Oh yes, there will be a PART 3 – stand by!!