My inbox is over flowing this week which means lots of great doll photos from the Doll Diaries community all over the world for you to enjoy!

From Heather – Felicity and Kirsten love the Frozen movie so Felicity dressed as Anna wearing Addy’s old school dress, a shirt from the 2003 glitter jeans outfit and a pink cape from Magic Attic.  Kirsten is wearing the Elsa dress that I knitted! I tried to get it to look just like Elsa’s original dress but had too much fun with the fun fur yarn!

From Cordelia – Katherine and Rose, dressed warmly, are making their way along a snowy path to take a basket containing homemade soup, bread, and cookies to an elderly neighbour who has a bad cold. Katherine is reminding Rose to be careful of her footing on the ice-covered path. When the dolls return from their visit, they plan to play in the snow.

From Sharry – Happy Sunday, DD readers! Here we have from left to right Lisa (JLY #30), Danny (OG custom), Sunny (AG Julie) and Cheryl (Via-E Alexis) all wearing custom creations by Etsy seller Designed4Dolls. Don’t they all look super groovy and outta site in these 70s fashions?

From craftydollies – Books are awesome!

From Beth – Saige is ready for spring in her new clothes.

From Agnieszka – Here is another photo comparing various dolls. All of them are brunettes with blue eyes, yet their colours are different. Standing from left are Marianna (Winterwelt Zauber, Gotz), Matilda (Matilda, A Girl for All Time), Anna (Veronika, Carpatina) and Antonia (My American Girl#49).

From Audrey – Here is a photo of my Marie-Grace celebrating her 12th birthday! I have Addy dressed in a remake of Cecile’s dress. They are enjoying strawberry shortcake that Cecile/Addy baked.

From Paper Doll World – Isabelle has finally finished Sally’s dress, and Sally is modeling it. Unfortunately, since the dress has short sleeves and the temperatures are still low, it’ll be a while before she can wear it outside.

From Caroline – These are some of my dolls in there pajamas having a sleepover over the weekend.

From Bethany – All the Ever After High dolls decided to do a clothes swap. They swapped everything, including hands! Who knew Maddie was actually shorter than the rest of us? Maybe its the high heels that hides it, Apple White says.

From Tony – The girls want to show off their pretty new hair accessories. Cecelia is wearing the double-braid hairpiece and Jane is wearing the snood, both from Addy’s new Hairstyling Set.

From Lena B – These are my Madame Alexander dolls! Bridget ( the one in the cast) broke her leg doing a back flip dismount on the beam. Gabby ( the other one) is helping her up the stairs.

From Julia – A true friend is the only necessity in life.

From Kylie – Diana had a Snow Day ! She was very happy that it finally snowed !

From Julia L – Daisy and Saige are playing Chutes and Ladders, and it looks like Saige is winning!

From Sri Pot – In this picture Julie wanted to go all fancy for a tea party with her other doll friends!  We went shopping and this is how Julie turned out!

From Katie R – How often do you want to make something for your doll but don’t know how? Well Katie Rain would like to show you how.

From Meg_DollFaninAfrica – Nurse Barbie and Dr Kevin are treating Evi for heat stroke. Evi’s parents Ken and Sophie are worried. Evi’s family was watching the Argus Cycle Race when she got sick. The cycle race is one of the biggest in the world and Evi wants to ride it when she is older.

From Dipper Loves Saige – This is a picture of my new doll, Ryan. She looks SO cute!

This is my doll Julie sitting by the pond on a sunny day! –Avery

From Loren – “Let it go! Let it go! I am one with the wind and sky! Let it go! Let it go! They’ll never see me cry!” Caroline saw Frozen with me and she loved it!

From Kristen L.– K2 is making a bracelet on her new Rainbow Loom! The loom was made from the Rainbow Loom tutorial from MyFroggyStuff.

Remember the theme for Throwback Thursday this week is retired AG Pets (not horses though) and their accessories.

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