Is everyone out of school yet? This past week was the last day of school for my kids so as far as I am concerned it is officially SUMMER!  I hope you had a great week, too! Let’s take a look at what your dolls have been doing this week.

From Alyssa – Nothing matters in summer!

From: AGInParadise -Saige is very excited about the news of a new outfit for her collection! Here she is looking at the post about the outfit.

From Madelon – Saige celebrated National Egg Day earlier this week.

Vivi was one of the winners of the Reader Photo Contest in March and was nice enough to send in photos of Caroline modeling it.

From Happysuz – Kit, Molly and Addy are all cabin mates in Cabin Columbine.  On their nature walk to explore the camp grounds, they found some Columbine flowers and picked them to bring back to adorn their cabin!

From Tony – Jane (Marie-Grace) is having so much fun at Camp Doll Diaries! She was excited to discover that her camp is located near the beach! After getting checked in on the first day and receiving her camp name badge, Jane went on a fishing field trip with the other girls. She put on long sleeves and a hat so she wouldn’t get sunburned. And she was happy that she caught two fish that the camp counselors are going to help her cook for lunch.

From Agnieszka – Last weekend Chloe and me went to Warsaw to take part in a dancing workshop. We didn’t have much time to visit the city, yet we managed to take some photos in front of the Palace of Culture and Science which is near the railway station. Chloe was very happy  because it was her first journey with me. And, of course, she just loved the beautiful Hula dance!

From Madelon – Our newest doll celebrates Chocolate Ice Cream Day on Friday, June 7. The chocolate scoops are from Miniare Cafe and the cones are marked Nancy’s Famous Ice Cream Cones.

From Nina – My 7 year old brother Max was so inspired by my Camp Doll Diaries cabin (Cabin Captain America Manatee), that he made his own cabin for his ”guys”!

From Beth – Much to my chagrin, a favorite T-shirt developed holes and could not be worn anymore. Happily, I was able to salvage it by making doll-sized T-shirts for Anne and Anneliese.

From iamskyfox – Today at “camp” Fey decided to climb a tree

From Julia – Tylie misses Saige at camp.

From Sabrina: My bitty baby Penny was so excited when the big girls let her go to Camp Doll Diaries! She came prepared with her purse and blankie! Charlotte (myag 23) and her doggie, Frenchy are showing Penny around the camp campus!

From Sophia: Caroline is enjoying her daily walk in her garden. She loves the beautiful scent of the flowers surrounding her.

Cindy’s new Samantha.

The girls, Jane, Chloe and Izzie have finally settled in and cannot wait for the Camp Walden fun to begin! From Armani

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