Have you had a good week? Are you ready for Camp Doll Diaries to start? I know you are, but first, let’s take a look at some of the fabulous photos that have come in via my inbox this week!

From Tony – Jane (Marie-Grace) is ready for Camp Doll Diaries to begin. She has never been to camp and can’t wait to find out what its going to be like, but she did pack her fishing pole just in case she gets to go fishing!

From Lisa Rose – Cecile (Historical AG Doll) and Millie (Life of Faith Doll) are so excited for camp to start!

From Rachel – This is Dell in a skirt I made for her. It was an old sock, but it had a great border so I couldn’t bear to just throw it away. So I cut off the toe part and voila! a skirt!

From Agnieszka – Erin poses for you with her cat. They are the best of friends, and I think they even look similar.

From Hannah B – I used embroidery floss and wrapped it around Chrissa, Gwen, and Sonali’s hair to give them a fun new look. I think it looks really cute and summery!

Mariah’s dolls are sitting on the trampoline trying to catch their breath.

From Emmalee – Gabby is all ready for horse to be shown at the fair. She is wearing Saige’s meet boots, jean shorts I found, Julie’s meet shirt.

From Bethany – the picture says it all.

From Paper Doll World – Perrin is checking on the grill while Meredith plays on the tire swing.

From Lindsey – Our cows wanted to eat Julie while she was her photoshoot !

Also from Paper Doll World – Juliet is feeding the fish.

From Essie – Rebecca is watering in the veggie garden!

From Beth – Anne models a variation of Saige’s dress which I sewed myself.  I miscalculated the length the ruffles should be, and ended up adding three instead of two!

From Emily – her Our Generation doll and horse.

From Vivi – My doll, Jinafire Long, had a photoshoot and this is one photo. I think she is just so cute!

From Eileen – My doll Violet was outside enjoying the nice weather and found herself daydreaming under the maple tree.

Also from Eileen –  Meet Violet’s new brother Dillon! He was a Springfield doll Maria, but I customized him into a boy. I also did the same with another old Disney doll, but I haven’t gotten around to photographing him yet. You can see a video of him on the YouTube channel ExplorerClubVideo and photos of him (and soon the other boy!) on Violet’s blog: www.theamazingworldofviolet.blogspot.com.

From Sheridan – Marisol is ready for camp.

From Shannon –  Caroline and her friend, Ruby, taking a Sunday ride in the cart!

From myag: The Amazing Flying Julie! It took a LOT of work to get this to look right, and even now it’s not a very good photo. You can see my hand in the picture.

From Sabrina: (In the picture of Charlotte in the ag cafe): I went to the American girl store in LA on Saturday. It is so much fun everytime you go! Charlotte is wearing Saige’s meet outfit! She looks soooooo cute in it! I had such a fun time! (In the photo of Charlotte by her kitchen) Charlotte is making a snack happily thinking of all of her new outfits! She is wearing one of her new outfits which is the Store exclusives PJs.

From Cordelia – Katherine and Rose have completed their camper registration forms and have taken them to the Doll Diaries Camp registration desk. You might notice that the date of 1904 has been added to the Welcome Sign on Katherine’s behalf. Both dolls have been very busy all week preparing their cabin, Cherry Rock, for camp with much painting of the cabin walls (mainly by Rose) and much sewing of accessories (mainly by Katherine). Whether the time period is 1904 or 2013, both are very excited for the start of Doll Diaries Camp!

From Elly – The Bitty Twins have a dream that they are flying!

Thanks for all the wonderful photos this week. Enjoy the rest of your weekend!

We love seeing what you make for your dolls, adventures they have, and great finds. If you would like to submit your photo for next week’s Sunday Showcase, here are the basics:

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