HAPPY NEW YEAR!! I’m taking a break from posting all the Reader Photo Contest entries for a few minutes to get the Sunday Showcase post done. It looks like your dolls have had a great week!

From Rachael – All my dolls welcoming Isabelle to the family!

From Tony – Happy New Year ~ Welcome Isabelle! Jane stopped by the dance class to show Cecelia the costume she will be wearing for the Snow Princess winter ballet. 

From Carol – The “Merry and Bright” special outfit was out of my reach, geographically and financially, so I decided to re-create it as closely as possible. Jess wears it well, don’t you agree?

From Barb and Frances.  This came out too cute not to share– having some fun with the new Doll at Work AG craft book!!

From Jazzie – This is my doll Caroline, with her pink and purple hair tips. I did this back in September before I learned about Isabelle. I used Sharpie.

From Abigail ~  Took some family photos of my dolls this past week

From Emma – Isabelle is a great addition to the dance team at Anna Hart. She has already won first place at a dance competition with her very first solo!

From Madelon – In celebration of National Spaghetti day, our doll cooked up an overflowing bowl to enjoy. Kitchen made by Our Generation, spaghetti is Sephora packaging.

From Kelli – Ready for Sledding – Here is “AnneMarie Claire” aka Nicki, Emily, Molly, Josefina, McKenna, Lola and Consuela getting ready to go sledding!  They are all dressed up and ready for fun!

From Grace – Here’s Matilda in one of the skirts I made her today. She looks really cute 🙂

This is my doll Autumn. This picture was taken in Nassau, Bahamas during our thanksgiving cruise. She is wearing a pair of the butterfly wings I made using a Doll Diaries craft from this Halloween, October 30th by Anna.  This was a really fun craft and pretty easy. From Melangell (it was great meeting you at AGDC by the way!!)

From Andrea – Echo (from OneGirlManyDolls.blogspot.com) loves her new fancy bow-tied frames from the Our Generation glasses accessory pack.

Caroline and Kanani – From Lauren

I made an outfit for my a Ellowyne, Leila, completely out of little miss matched doll clothing. From- Livelovedolls. 

From Katie R – I liked Isabelle’s performance set from AG so much I decided to make my own. I think it turned out really well!

My new Isabelle doll – from Mia.

Hello my name is Riley. Marie-Grace getting ready for her ball!

From Meg-DollFaninAfrica – My new toy is named Rosie – by her seller – and her family name is Vanille.  I saw her brother for sale but he was sold out before I could get him – luckily Rosie was available!  Rosie advises me that she does not like ballet (I do) but does love ice skating and giving sleigh rides.  The small Teddy is made by Mary Meyer and I still need to name him – maybe Magneto (as he has magnets inside his paws).

From Camille – This is my new Ever After High Doll, Briar Beauty, Daughter of Sleeping Beauty.

Inspired by TUTUorials and SwanLake Barbie, BFC girls Gillian, Jaime and Yuri. Submitted by Kaf.

From Alisha C.-Joy to the world! This picture is a little late but Marie-Grace wanted a picture with her best friend–and my newest doll–Cécile! And Elsie wanted to show off the new “doll for the dolls”, Mini Caroline (the one that was gift-wrapped in her box in my last picture) 🙂 hope everyone on here had a very happy holiday season!

From Jennifer – Lilly , Katara and in the back (legs) is Siarra are messing around . Lilly can’t wait till the snow goes away but Katara wants more snow

From Samantha – Kit, Emily, and Nicole all have a fun sleepover party!

From Elly C – I wanted Isabelle’s Studio since she is coming to my house soon but it is EXTREMELY EXPENSIVE!!! So i decided to make it using supplies I had at home. This was Rebecca’s Fashion Studio that came with paper dolls and supplies teaching you how to make paper doll fashion but i took the stuff out behind it was this background. Then I covered the back in foil and attached the “barre” I also made her a sketchbook to go with her studio! I cant wait for her to come! Only like 4 or 5 days until she arrives!!! Saige wants to meet her so badly! My doll Vanessa is a dancer and she cant wait to meet Isabelle!

**Please Note: There will be NO Sunday Showcase next week (January 12, 2014). I will be traveling and will have very limited Internet access to post Sunday Showcase. Any photos submitted will be kept for the following week. There will be other posts, but no Sunday Showcase.