Karen here with a dollar store craft you can do easily and inexpensively for your own dolls and doll house. At our house we have a bench at the front door that has storage for shoes, mitts and hats. I saw this little storage box in the craft section of my dollar store and I knew it would make a great bench with a little padded seat made from Duck Tape and some paint!

To make your own you will need:

  • A small wooden box with drawers like mine
  • Paint
  • Paint Brush
  • Duck Tape
  • Paper towel
  • Your Doll and her shoes

Step 1- Gather all your supplies and cover your work area if necessary. Remove the drawers from the box and begin painting the main box and then paint the smaller drawers. Allow them to dry. Add a second coat if desired. 

Step 2- Create your cushion. To create each cushion I used 10 1/2 sheet paper towels. I folded them so that they would fit on the bench base.

Step 3- Cover your first cushion with Duck Tape.  Make sure it fits on the top of the box.

Step 4- Create a second cushion as you did in step 3, then use more Duck Tape to secure it to the bottom cushion in an L-Shape. It may or may not stand up on it’s own. To get it to be self supporting you will need more tape. If you are going to lean it against a dolly wall just use a small amount to hold the pillows to each other.

Now it is time to put the drawers in their place and fill them with your dolls shoes! I can get 4 pairs comfortably in my bench! I hope you have fun making your own dolls a bench like this one.