With the crazy snow fall and blizzard-like weather we have had this winter, my daughters and I have had much movie watching time snuggled up in front of the fireplace.  Some of our favorite movies to watch are the cherished Shirley Temple classics.  Here is how I created a Little American Girl Doll Darling of our own….

For inspiration of the doll I used the picture from the cover of our DVD box set.

 I recycled a brown eyed American Girl Doll.  Yes, Shirley had big beautiful brown eyes.   This poor doll was found on eBay.  Her hair had been cut into one hot mess.  The wig was removed.  I got lucky and all limbs were nice and tight.  The body was thoroughly cleaned with Twin Pines of Maine, Formula 9-1-1.  I LOVE this cleaner!  The doll looked (and smelled) brand new when I was done.  I couldn’t believe how dirty the doll was until I looked at the cotton balls; so needless to say this cleaner worked very well.  I look forward to trying their doll stain remover in the future.  I have used Twin Pines of Maine, Heads Up Detangler on other dolls and was impressed at how clean and manageable the wigs turned out.  You can find more information on the Twin Pines of Maine products here:  http://www.twinpines.com/index.php?route=common/home.

 I was blessed to work with a wonderful on-line doll shop called Dollspart Supply.  The owner, Barbara, provided me with an adorable Shirley Temple wig.  The wig pictured is their 18 inch compo wig.  This wig’s sizing goes by the height of the doll, not the head circumference.  The wig is of fine quality mohair, soft and golden and styled in the original Shirley Temple ringlets.  Item number is 1030-18.  You can find this wig and additional Shirley items here: http://www.dollspart.com/cgi-bin/dept?dpt=H&srch=KW&search_text=shirley&x=0&y=0.  I look forward to trying the Dollspart Supply Captain January outfit for 18 inch dolls!

The wig came very well packaged.  Upon opening the wig you notice that the curls are tightly packed.  I loved the wig cap.  It easily slipped over the dolls head.  No pulling or tugging was required.

 Once the wig was in place, I began to style the curls with a rat-tail comb.  The hair is so soft and manageable.  The wig was easy to style and the curls have playable spring to them.  I LOVE the little flip curl that is over Shirley’s forehead…similar to a spit curl…just like the real-life Shirley style!  A red bow was added for additional character.  Hands down, this little wig is an excellent replica!

The fabulous dress was made by a friend of mine who owns Etsy shop, SewSewCarol.  You can message her via her Etsy shop with questions on a custom order for this dress here: https://www.etsy.com/shop/SewSewCarol?ref=hdr_shop_menu.   Carol is a wonderful seamstress!  She recreated a perfect doll sized match of this classic Shirley dress from the movie, Stand Up and Cheer.   I love how the attached tulle slip adds so much fullness to the skirt.

The ruffled socks were recycled from American Girl Nellie’s Christmas outfit.  The red Mary-Jane shoes are from My Doll’s Life and can be found here: http://www.doll-clothes.com/patent-mary-janes-fits-18-inch-american-girl-doll-shoes/.

Craft on!