Have you caught on to the coloring craze?  Books of beautiful patterns and detailed scenes ready to color are available for all ages.  This is a fun trend and I may have picked out a few as gifts because they draw me in! 🙂  Today we will be coloring off the page and take our coloring to a fun fabric project!

We all color at our house but a certain 4 year old crafted with me this week and colored and colored and colored this little apron.  I grabbed it part way through to snap a few pictures with a promise to return it for another color session.  (She takes her coloring very seriously. Ha!)  It is now sprinkled all over with color and vert artistic.  Just love that little girl and her creative spark! 🙂

Doll Apron Craft-6

For today’s project I’ll show you how to add details and patterns to fabric with stamps.  Then color your designs to your hearts content with fabric markers.  Color makes me happy, so you have my go ahead to color it up!

Doll Apron Craft-7

We are working on these fabulous white aprons sold in the Doll Diaries Etsy shop.  Of course the technique we are using will work on any fabric project.  Oooo, the possibilities are endless! 🙂

Doll Apron Craft

Let’s take a closer look!


  • apron is here.
  • fabric paint
  • stamps
  • foam brush
  • fabric markers

Stamping Patterns on Fabric

With stamps and fabric paint you can add your own patterns on fabric.  Be sure to test out the stamp you want to use on scrap fabric.

Doll Apron Craft-23

Foam craft brushes work great for applying the paint.  Dab or brush on the paint.  Apply a thin, even coat of paint.  Too much paint will cause the image to be sloppy.

Doll Apron Craft-21

To add a border, like pictured below, only paint a portion of the stamp.

Doll Apron Craft-20

I am using clear stamps, placed on a clear stamp block.  You can use any kind of stamp including traditional rubber stamps and foam stamps.

When you stamp on the fabric rub the back of the stamp to help the ink transfer evenly.  I was careful not to move or rock the stamp to keep the image clear.

Doll Apron Craft-24

Allow the paint to dry.  Ours dried in a half hour but be sure to follow the recommended dry times on your paint package and test it out on your scrap fabric.

The stamped designs look awesome on their own but the color let’s you add your own touch!  One thing is for sure, coloring knows no bounds and is loved by all ages!

Doll Apron Craft-19

I snapped these pictures when the apron was pretty simple but let me tell you it is fabulous covered in color!  I think it would be fun to stamp designs all over for another fun look.

Doll Apron Craft-12

This is an easy project, great for a variety of ages and young crafters can join in if you stamp on the design first.

Doll Apron Craft-9

After our apron was finished my daughter said “coloring on fabric is pretty fun”.  She’s right, you just might need to set aside the cool coloring books and give coloring fabrics a try!

Just in case you are interested, here is more about today’s post.

  • Doll Grace is American Girl’s GOTY 2015.
  • Outfit- Shirt pattern information is here.  Skirt tutorial is here.  Earnings came with doll.
  • Scene– Reversible Playscene: Sweet Shoppe is here.

Craft, Color, Play!