Happy St. Patrick’s day!  Tomorrow is Josefina’s Birthday!  Today for Throwback we are celebrating both with some fun photos. Thank you to Linda for sending in her party photo!


From Fawn – A Little St. Patrick’s Day history:

St. Patrick, Bishop of Armagh (d. 461), was a Roman citizen who was kidnapped and sold into slavery in Ireland. After escaping to his native Britain, Patrick heard a voice telling him to return to Ireland to serve the people he had met there. It is said that St. Patrick used the shamrock to teach about the Trinity. Its three-in-one leaves symbolize Father, Son and Holy Spirit in one Supreme Being. The Irish people knew intuitively that God is present in all of creation, and St. Patrick showed them that, in the mystery of the Holy Trinity, God was beyond all of creation as well.
“I bind to myself, the name, The strong name of the Trinity By invocation of the same, The three in One and One in Three, Of whom all nature has creation, Eternal Father, Spirit, Word. Praise to the Lord of my salvation; Salvation is of Christ the Lord!”
—from St. Patrick’s Breastplate


his is a photo of Charlotte(#47) on the top left wearing Josefina’s
Summer Riding Dress and Hat(1998- ). Next to her Olivia(#14) is wearing
Josefina’s Night Shift(1997-2015). Maple(#29) is wearing Josefina’s Feast
Day Finery(1998-). Josefina on the bottom left is wearing her meet outfit
and accessories. In the middle Nellie is celebrating St. Patrick’s Day
wearing her Irish Dance Outfit of Today(2005-2007). Finnaly, Coral(#12) is
wearing Josefina’s Dress and Vest(2011-2015). Happy Birthday Josefina and
Happy St. Patrick’s Day!

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Maria Josefina Montoya has been and will always be my favorite doll from the American Girl collection. I have always been fascinated by the Hispanic culture which includes their customs, food and outfits.
dn (4)
I have taken this particular doll and customized her to make her a slight bit older. I customized her hair by replacing her wig with beautiful black weft so her hair would be soft, long, stylable and more fun to brush. I also added brighter lips that goes with her beautiful dark skin tone. She has been so much fun to shop for with my daughter and also play with. We love Josefina in our collection so much. Happy birthday little lady. Josefina has and always will be my most favorite doll. I have always loved Hispanic culture and was automatically drawn to her. I first bought her as a “fixer-upper.” I took off her old wig and replaced it with new, silky weft and updated her face paint. She was my first doll as an adult and she is my favorite to this day of all my dolls. She gets plenty of play when my daughters, son and I play with our dolls. Feliz Cumpleaños dear Jo!

Sheryl- TN


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This is Josefina renamed her Vanessa just made her this adorable dress for Easter. This is My Sweet Clara pattern. Just wanted to share ~ Nana Carm


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