St. Louis to Get An American Girl Store

UPDATE 2/8/12 – If you go to the American Girl site and look for events, the St. Louis location has events listed for the beginning of May. I am going to guess (operative word guess) that they will be doing their grand opening the first weekend in May. As of now, you cannot book Bistro reservations, but special events are scheduled.

UPDATE 10/11/11 – American Girl posted on their Facebook wall that the St. Louis store will open in the Spring of 2012. And here it is in the St. Louis Business Journal, too.

According to the St. Louis Business Journal, American Girl got the green light from Chesterfield’s Planning Commission this week to open its first doll store in Missouri.

There is no specific timeline for opening the store as of now and American Girl will not confirm this until a lease is signed, the proposed store will take over an existing space in the Chesterfield Mall. Chesterfield Mall is located in a western suburb of St. Louis and has many of the high end stores that already attract the type of shopper American Girl loves.

As always, we’ll keep you posted!

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  1. FIRSTIE!!! omg sooo cool. Doesn’t Stephenswodadancer live in Missouri??? I want an AG store in my stateeeee….. -Sky

    ps i hate mondays! My first class is Social Studies i usually sleep through it (not really but sorta haha)

  2. : D IM SO EXCITED!!!!! I have reletives that live close to there!!

  3. I can not wait to add to my t-shirt collection!

  4. fourthie!!!!! thats cool- thats the 11th right? ooh and hi karen!!!! its lily,kit and kanani from etsy :)

  5. Hey! I was wondering if any of you got the September cataloug form AG. I never got mine and was really dissapointed. : (

  6. Sarah, I got a September catalogue from AG. Maybe you’ll get a catalogue this month.

  7. Pretty Irish AG says:

    I think Stephenswodadancer will be very happy because she lives there

  8. I wish they would get an AG store where I live. : (

  9. Sarah- i did, biut i requested it from AG.

  10. the clostes ag store to me would be Chicago and Atlana.

  11. cool! i was born in st. louis! and my friends just moved there!

  12. Stephenswodadancer lives close to the KC store. The St. Louis store would be about a 4 hour drive from Kansas City, MO.

  13. coolio.

  14. awwwww! my cuz just moved to atlanta last year and i wanna go to the ag store when i visit!

    p.s. working on new costumes for my picture and begging my mom to let me enter…

  15. Sense they open up two stores every year hopefully The next will be another American Girl Place bigger than the other three combined here in Louisiana. Sorry that I haven’t really posted alot lately like I used to you see my grandmother whom is really close to died last saturday and Im still trying to cope with her loss it just doesn’t seem real.

  16. Feel better, Samantha! I’m still waiting for my store in PA.

  17. Dangiiiitttt. I really wnat one in my city but that would be usless cause there is an AGP about 2-3 hours away XPPP

  18. Rumor is that AG is looking for locations in Houston and Orlando too, but no lease signings yet.

  19. Cambria, Erica- I requested it from AG too, like in 2008. I’ve always gotten them just not this one. The last one I got was July 2011. :/ Should I just request it again?

  20. :O Samantha! I know exactly how you felt:

    My Grandmary (My mother’s mother) died last summer, and it was really hard for me and my sister to move on without her. But we found that spending time with friends and remembering ll all of the good times we had with Grandmary makes her presence feel closer to us than far way.

  21. Samantha- OMGosh I am so sorry. You will be in my prayers. (hugs)

  22. Thank you all

  23. I agree with Samantha–hopefully the next AG store might be in New Orleans! We AG lovers down south don’t have many options right now but Atlanta!

    Also, I’m very sorry to hear about you losing your grandmother. I pray that you handle it the best you can and get all the support from family and friends that you need.

  24. and dallas i live there

  25. Well I live in PA so this doesn’t help me.

  26. Hope there is a new store. Coooooooooooool Cat!:)

  27. I think there should be one in every state.

  28. Only that would be hard to do 50 store’s and how could they afford to ship everything to Hawii?

  29. Well maybe not Hawaii and Alska but hey if AG wants business they should do that.

  30. im sooooooooooooo excited

  31. yeah i kinnda now about that allrealy but i can’t wait for it to open!!

  32. Princess Belle says:

    How exciting! I hope they get one in Florida, or in Canada (don’t ask, I know it doesn’t make snese). Congrats to all who leave near there! 😀

  33. Anastasia says:

    Cool! AG is opening a lot of stores lately it seems.

  34. Brusselsprouthead says:

    I live near the Missouri Store’s future location and it coming along rather nicely. As of right now the store has been painted on the outside and the outside structure is done but the inside has yet to be started on. Next time I go I plan on taking pictures and I can send them to you guys, if you want.

  35. Aweome! I wished I lived closer to an AG store….

  36. Ag needs to make a store in Arizona!!!!! I know the perfect place where they could have it!!!

  37. That would be great – thanks!

  38. This awesome! Thanks Char for uploading it! I really hope they open the store around the first week of May, though I probably couldn’t go(I live no where near there), it’d be pretty cool since thats when my birthday is. : )
    I’m so sorry Samantha! I don’t know that feeling, but I can’t imagine it!

  39. 39th!! So cool. Like Kren I am trying to get a tee shirt from every store. Can’t wait to get St. Louis.

  40. not Kren I ment Karen.

  41. They are also adding one to the Huston area.

  42. Sam you are right. I just saw that come in through my notifications and had not even had a chance to post about it yet.

  43. I have known about the AG store opening in st.louis for a while now but are they REALLY opening one in Houston!!! YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY I’ve wanted one near me for soooooooooooo long!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!! when are they opening it and exactly where in houston? please make a post about it soon, char!!!!!!!!!!!!

  44. Paige – I did do a post on the Houston store – check the home page – it says which mall and everything.

  45. OMG!!!!!!!! I visit there every year!!!!!
    Actually,I went over to where the AG place is being built, and I found out it’s next to…….
    THE CHEESECAKE FACTORY!!!! YUM!! I’m so going!!