Our friends at Springfield Dolls have just launched a fun, age appropriate, online world for girls to play, dress up dolls, be creative, solve puzzles, earn points, make wishlists and more. It is called the SFStyleClub. Like most online extensions of brands, you create a user name and password, get parental approval if you are under 18 and then get started.

The first thing you get when you authenticate your account is a free SFStyleClub bracelet for girls. The parent authorizing the account gets to fill out the mailing info and your bracelet will be mailed out in January. Once inside the SFStyle Club you select the doll you want to play with, get creative with her wardrobe, do activities and earn points along the way. What are the points for? At this point it looks like you use the points to unlock new areas of the game, get new virtual outfits and more.


Natalie logged on this morning and had a lot of fun creating outfits for Olivia and the other dolls. After creating an outfit you can share it via email – when you do it looks like this:


I think it is great that the list of all the items you used in the outfit show up in a list complete with SKU numbers so that you can re-create the outfit at home for your own dolls, too.

Go give the SFStyleClub a try! And if you have any feedback, leave a comment and we’ll pass it on to their team – they’d love to hear what you think and what you like!