These mini cards are a doll’s world meets your world!


Spreading Cheer

Cards, notes and letters may sometimes seem old fashioned in our digital world.  They are so far from extinction though because it’s hands on cheer.

This is the kind of craft you can do on your own or enjoy with someone.  The mini stickers were the inspiration ($1 a sheet at Walmart).  We set to make them for grandparents that were visiting and it spread to siblings and parents.

This is daddy’s card.  Yes my daughter picked out that puppy just for him.  The fun is in personalizing these for those you love!


Let’s Make Mini Cards!


  • mini stickers
  • paper
  • pen
  • scissors
  • washi tape (optional)


Keep it mini, keep it simple!

  1. Add a sticker or two.
  2. Leave it blank or write a word or two. (Ideas: Sweet, Love, Cute, Heart, Thank you, Love You!)
  3. Write a short message inside.  (Ideas: What you love about them. A thank you note.  What you are looking forward to.)
  4. Tape it closed with a piece of washi tape. (Optional)
  5. Give it.  Spread cheer!


It’s fun to create for play and for the people we love!

Don’t forget Mother’s Day is this weekend.  These mini cards would be a perfect way to put a smile on her face!

Just in case you are interested, here is more about today’s post.

Create, Play, Spread Cheer!