I know you all have missed the Spotlight Sites this summer so I am going to make up for lost time and feature ย five doll blogs today that I discovered over the summer.

1. The Toy Box Philosopher

Toy Box Philosopher

Without a doubt the best doll blog I have discovered this summer has to be Emily’s Toy Box Philosopher. Not only does she do the most detailed and honest reviews of dolls she buys, she has some of the most creative photography on her site. If there was such a thing as a guilty pleasure when it comes to reading doll blogs, The Toy Box Philosopher would be mine. ย Most of Emily’s reviews are on dolls you can get at the major toy retailers, but she does have reviews on more collectible doll lines, too. One thing I love about her reviews is the information box at the bottom with a summary of the most important parts – like you can find in her review of Karito Kids Ling.

2. Jen’s Companion Doll

Jen’s Companion Doll is a very well-established doll blog that for some reason I just discovered over the summer. Her photography is captivating and her doll collection is definitely envy-worthy! She covers everything from Bitty Baby, Hearts for Hearts, Kidz ‘n Cats, American Girl and everything in between. Be prepared to spend a lot of time at her site, just like Emily’s.

3. Jordy at I’m Not Crazy Crafts

Jordy at I’m Not Crazy Crafts is a frequent commenter here at Doll Diaries and a few weeks ago she sent me an email asking me a few questions. If you want to know how I answered her mini interview – check it out at her site and then take a look around at some of her other fun posts.

4. Delaney Loves AG

Delaney Loves AG is another blog written by one of the Doll Diaries community members. While Delaney has only been blogging for a few months and has gone back and forth as to whether she wants to keep blogging or not, I love what she has done so far. For example, her step by step post of re-curling Lanie’s hair, is easy to follow and well written. Don’t stop blogging now Delaney. Some days it’s harder than others but if you just write when you feel inspired and don’t worry about having to write a certain number of times a week, you will enjoy it more.

5. Of Old Fashioned Dolls and Dresses

Of Old Fashioned Dolls and Dresses is such a treat for anyone who loves history, sewing and dolls. The author Lexi has a true passion for history and writing and it shows in her posts. She also has a You Tube channel where you can see her creations in more detail like the one in the picture above.


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