Looking for a new doll related site or three to add to your daily reading list? Today is your lucky day! Here are three sites that I think you will love that earn my seal of approval.


1. My Dolly Addiction

Marjorie of My Dolly Addiction, is part of the Doll Diaries community and has been collecting dolls since she was young. Now as a grown up, she still loves her dolls and shares photos of her various dolls, outfits from long ago and her dolly adventures. Definitely worth following! I love this photo of hers with Saige, McKenna, Chrissa and Lanie all showing off their new outfits from Saige’s collection.


2. Julie Newman’s 70s Time Capsule

Long time Doll Diaries contributor, Sharry, loves all things 1970s! Her dolls help her keep that love alive and we all can get a history lesson or two from watching her YouTube videos as well. Julie Newman’s 70s Time Capsule is a new blog that Sharry started and it is written from her dolls’ perspective and features photostories and creative photos! So groovy!


3. Forever American Girl

Forever American Girl is a blog written by one of our readers, Samantha. She recently got Caroline and did a really nice write up on her. I love this photo of Marie Grace in Caroline’s dress, too. Β One of the reasons I picked Samantha’s blog is that she uses her own photos and adds her own insight to her posts as well. Nice work Samantha!

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