I’d like to thank my friends in Texas for sharing pictures of their collection of Kit’s items.

American Girl doll Kit table, roll top desk, and bed

From left to right – Kit’s table, glassware and linens and her party treats. Kit is wearing her meet outfit and her friend is wearing Kit’s birthday dress. Then there is the roll top desk set and it looks like Molly is wearing the Reds baseball outfit. Nicki is lounging on Kit’s day bed complete with the night stand and Kit’s aviator doll. Plus she is wearing Kit’s pajamas.

American Girl doll Kit’s bed, scooter and beach chair

Here is another view of Kit’s collection – you can see her lunch box next to the desk here. Next to the bed you can see one of the Today dolls wearing Kit’s scooter outfit and riding her homemade scooter. Finally we have Kit’s 1934 Beach chair and her friend modeling the swimsuit for her.

What a cool way to display the whole collection! I am interested to see what items get removed and what new items will come out when the release the new Kit movie next summer.