Have you noticed some cute new faces in the Doll Diaries team’s posts? We are very happy to say that the Madame Alexander Doll Company is one of the Camp Doll Diaries sponsors this summer!

Madame Alexander Doll Company 18" Dolls

The Madame Alexander Doll Company 18″ play dolls – known as Favorite Friends are the perfect addition to any play doll family. They are well made, have soft bodies (with a vinyl shoulder plate so they can wear sleeveless and strappy styles beautifully), vinyl faces and limbs, rooted hair and eyes that open and close. As you can see from the photo collage, these dolls come in a variety of face molds, hair color/type and eye color combinations – just like all girls do. It is too hard to have a favorite, because they are all so cute!

The dolls in the photos are as follows:

One of the reasons we are thrilled to have Madame Alexander Doll Company as one of our sponsors this summer is that we really share the same goals and vision – inspiring, imagination, play, learning creativity. From the Madame Alexander Doll Company website:

Since the company’s inception in 1923, Madame Beatrice Alexander, a talented, entrepreneurial, New York woman with a vision to engage a child’s imagination through doll play, has inspired girls of all ages, throughout the generations, to have fun, to grow, to learn, to imagine.  The Madame Alexander Doll Company upholds that vision today and encourages girls of all ages to enjoy a lifetime of fun delighting fans with baby, fashion, play and limited edition doll collections that are  beautifully designed, age-appropriate products of quality and  craftsmanship.

While we are primarily featuring their 18″ play dolls, the Madame Alexander Doll Company has baby dolls for play and collecting, gorgeous collectible fashion dolls, licensed plush, and character dolls. In other words, they have a doll for every age and stage of doll play and collecting! As one of the members of this year’s Madame Alexander Doll Company Mom Advisory Board, I am really having fun getting to know the various doll lines more in detail.

Speaking of the detail – the company’s motto – “Love is in the Details” is just so true! I got to see it first hand at Toy Fair when I watched a Madame Alexander Doll Company employee making doll hats using a single strand of braided ribbon and a sewing machine – it is still one of my favorite memories of Toy Fair this year. That care and detail goes into all their dolls and accessories, which is one of the reasons why their dolls continue to be cherished by generations of doll lovers!

So, where can you find Favorite Friends dolls? The first place to go is the website, www.madamealexander.com. You can also find the dolls on Amazon and in specialty retailers nationwide. The average price for the Favorite Friends dolls is about $60, which makes them an exceptional value in my book! If you use the code SUMMERDD you can take 20% of anything on the Madame Alexander site between July 1 and August 31.

Thanks again to the Madame Alexander Doll Company for being part of all the Camp Doll Diaries fun this summer!