SPOILER ALERT!!! If you do not want to know what the new American Girl of the Year for 2014 supposedly looks like then click away now!

DISCLAIMER! These photos are NOT mine. I have been sent them by many readers. The photos were posted on eBay and that auction has since been ended. Also, the link to the eBay auction and these photos were posted on AGPlaythings according to the readers who sent them to me .

American Girl GOTY 2014 Isabelle

Isabelle has blonde hair with a hairpiece that makes the ends look like they have been dyed ombre. Her eyes are hazel.

American Girl GOTY 2014 Isabelle

She is wearing a pink top with an assymetrical hem line, light blue pants and gold flats.

And a better look at her face, her shirt and her eyes.

Ok… tell me what you think of her!