SPOILER ALERT – Photos of American Girl GOTY 2014

SPOILER ALERT!!! If you do not want to know what the new American Girl of the Year for 2014 supposedly looks like then click away now!

DISCLAIMER! These photos are NOT mine. I have been sent them by many readers. The photos were posted on eBay and that auction has since been ended. Also, the link to the eBay auction and these photos were posted on AGPlaythings according to the readers who sent them to me .

American Girl GOTY 2014 Isabelle

Isabelle has blonde hair with a hairpiece that makes the ends look like they have been dyed ombre. Her eyes are hazel.

American Girl GOTY 2014 Isabelle

She is wearing a pink top with an assymetrical hem line, light blue pants and gold flats.

And a better look at her face, her shirt and her eyes.

Ok… tell me what you think of her!


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  1. @Hattie and Chrissa Marie sorry I haven’t been commenting lately I ‘ve been SUPER busy! I watched Hey Arnold and turns out, I used to watch it a long time ago!! Hattie, Thanks! I am actually “recovered” but if I have to much dust around me it can temporarily come back. Chrissa Marie, I’m guessing your favorite GOTY is Chrissa! It’s ok if it is not your real name but it’s still pretty!

  2. crazy4chrissa says:

    **Emily**–Hi there!! That’s so awesome what you found out about GOTY Isabelle!! I am SOOOO excited that she is going to have a kitten!!! And TuTu is the CUTEST kitten name EVER!! Where did you find this info?
    **Dipper-loves-Saige**–Your AG dolls sound really cute!!!
    **Sara* and *Hattie**–Sorry I haven’t been posting for a while. I have been reeeeeally busy!!! I will have to check out Hey Arnold sometime. I have never seen it but it sounds really good!!
    Yes, Sara, Chrissa IS one of my favorite GOTY’S!! Chrissa was my role-model for pretty much all of 2012 and Chrissa (the doll) and I have really bonded!!! :) I hope the wind isn’t too bad… stay safe!!!
    **Jessica**–HI!! Hmmm… name ideas? Let’s see… Ava, Angela, Angel, Alyssa, Amy, Alexis, Amanda, Andrea, Ashley, Bella, Bailey, Becca, Becky, Bridget, Brienna, Brielle, Carrie, Chrissa, Clarissa, Colbie, Cassandra, Cassie, Callie, Carla, Carly, Calista, Chelsea, Cleo, Chloe, Casey, Carleigh, Delaney, Ella, Erika, Emmie, Emily, Elena, Grace, Gracie, GiGi, Gabi, Gemma, Hailey, Hattie, Hannah, Isabelle, :) Isabel, Isabella, Julie, Julia, Jade, Jada, Jadyn, Jewel, Janessa, Jackie, Justina, Jasmine, Jennifer, Jenna, Jenny, Jalayah, Kaitlyn, Katie, Kayla, Kitty, Kimberley, Karleen, Kara, Kari, Karen, Lacey, Larina, Mary, Marie, Mira, Marissa, Melissa, Maylisa, Miley, Mariah, Molly, Madison, Miranda, Mackenzie, Maddie, Nina, Peyton, Rachel, Rhielle, Sierra, Selena, Sydney, Sara, Shylah, Sheila, Sammi, Shelby, Skylar, Taylor, Teresa, Tearsa, Victoria, Vivi… LOL

    I hope these names help you to decide a name for your new doll!!! Also I hope you are able to finish saving up for her soon!! Good luck!!

    Your friend, ~~Crazy4Chrissa~~ (Chrissa Marie) :)

  3. crazy4chrissa says:

    P.S. I hope my last comment comes out of moderation someday… LOL

  4. DipperloveSaige says:

    @crazy4chrissa, Thank You! My dolls are SMILING! 😀

  5. How do you know this is the doll of the year for 2014?

  6. Helga_loves_Arnold says:

    I hope my last comments go through moderation… 😉


  7. I’m saving up for her!

  8. DipperloveSaige says:

    I REALLY NEED TO GET HER, and @Kristen VG, I don’t know how she found out, but their was a eBay sale on her, I tried to buy her, but I didn’t have any money.

  9. AGInParadise says:

    Don’t worry, I TOTALLY understand about the “green doll” thing! My Ivy doll has the same problem except on her arm and her ears where her earrings are. Well I Amos sorry that happened to you! You can try rubbing you’re ivy doll in a baking soda paste (made with water and baking soda, you can find more about that on AG’s website in the doll care section). I hope this helped!!

  10. Where did you find that out Emily

  11. I four out her dad works at hospital and does jazz for fun and plays weddings dinners and things like that

  12. Helga_loves_Arnold says:

    Hey guys, I hope my comments come out of moderation soon…


  13. Is her hair as long as Julie because when julie,’s in her box her hair looks that short also the wig cap makes it shorter

  14. DipperloveSaige says:

    I hope in 2014 AG had her of $95 again, like in 2010. JK! I hope AG don’t raise the price,like to $120 or something. I got kanani, for$95 or $110 (I don’t know what the price was.) But when June 2012 came, the new looks for the MAG dolls change, They knew called my american girl! Now MAG#58 look like me! BUT, $105 COME ON! I bought up away. In 2013, REALLY ! $110! TOO PRICEY! But Saige was really cool! (and only the white doll I had) American Girl is SO PRICEY LIKE COME ON! I hope she 110 or 105 or 100 or 95. That’s how low american girl can go.

  15. Honestly, DipperloveSaige, I doubt AG would lower the price, let alone raise the price. I realized every year the price is 5$ more! Oh and Kanani was 100, then McKenna was 105, saige was or I should say is 110 and sadly Isabelle will probably be 115 or if we are “lucky” enough 20$!

  16. DipperloveSaige says:

    @Sara, Thanks, now I remember! Kanani was $100! I hope Isabella is around $115. For my birthday, I did get $10,and I saving it for Isabella.

  17. crazy4chrissa says:

    **DipperloveSaige**–I wish AG would lower their prices, too!!! It would be cool if they had the dolls for like $95 again!! :) I agree that they will probably only raise the prices come 2014, though.

    **Summer**–You have a good point about Julie’s hair in comparison to Isabelle’s. I just looked up NIB (new in box) Julie dolls on ebay and compared pics with Isabelle and with hair nets on, the hair length looks to be about the same!! WOW!! That is cool because Julie with her hair down has hair that reaches all the way to her behind!! Also, where did you find that info about Isabelle’s Dad?? :)

    I have heard that in past years AG has had really good Cyber Monday sales. I think it would be AWESOME if AG had everything on their website like 50% off or something. Or maybe 75% off!! (I know, I’m dreaming!) LOL. Wouldn’t it be cool if AG even had some retired items? That would be REALLY exciting!!! What do you think (or hope) AG will have on sale for Cyber Monday this year?? :)
    Happy Thanksgiving to all!!! :)
    Your friend, ~~Crazy4Chrissa~~

  18. Dolly dorm diaries

  19. Crazy4chrissa- I found it on dolly dorm diaries

  20. I found out Isabelle makes some of her own ballet gowns

  21. crazy4chrissa says:

    Summer–Awesome!! I just checked Dolly Dorm Diaries and it is really cool!! Is it a newer blog? I had never really heard of it before… still it seems cool so thanks!! One question… That letter from Isabelle–Do you think the info in it is real, or do you suppose they could have made it up? Where could they have gotten all this info? And how are they gonna get an Isabelle doll by next weekend?? :) Thanks again!! Your friend, ~~Crazy4Chrissa~~ (Chrissa Marie)

  22. Actually tomorrow or Sunday!

  23. Thanks Sara I went on 2 days ago so I didn,’t get that information

  24. Isabelle has sling back shoes she has a lucky shirt her mother’s sewing kit is kept in as special wooden box her mom calls her sewing machine henrrietta

  25. Can’t wait for the pics she’ll probably have hair as long as julie’s

  26. Will this get updated when someone gets the catalog and sees her collection because I always get it 2 weeks before new years eve

  27. Wow Summer it’s so cool you get the catalog so early! I usually get it on December 31st! When you get it will you PLEASE show pics? Also I wonder why DollyDormDiaries can get Isabelle so early. Lucky her!!!!!!!

  28. I’d be happy too.

  29. Thanks for reccomending my name Sara haha:)

  30. Sara the mail doesn’t run on sundays

  31. I just realized every goty do a sport even if it barley part or in their story

  32. Hi! Could anybody tell me how to get an American Girl doll to Scandinavia (Europe) ? I already have two since I’ve been to China, where they have an AG store but I really want Isabelle when she comes out but I have no Idea how to get an AG doll to Europe :(

  33. crazy4chrissa says:

    Hi Alva!! Well, I do not know for sure, but I like looking on Ebay for the American Girl dolls (even if I am only window shopping) :) and i know that some ebay sellers will ship internationally. Even right after Saige came out there were many Saige dolls on ebay so maybe after Isabelle comes out you could try getting her on ebay!!! I hope this helps!!! :)
    Your friend, ~~Crazy4Chrissa~~ (Chrissa Marie) :)