Spoiler Alert! American Girl GOTY 2013 Saige Collection and More New Items

I knew it was just about time for the rest of Saige’s collection to start surfacing! Our friend agoverseas fan has posted a video on YouTube with the photos. Don’t watch unless you want to know what is coming up.

For those of you who just couldn’t help but watch it yourself (like me) – what is your favorite item in the new GOTY collection? I’ll join the conversation below with my thoughts.

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  1. Sarah says:

    I got Rebecca’s Pj’s, robe & slippers set and Caroline’s Holiday gown for Christmas! I only need Rebecca’s Lace dress and her summer outfit and i’ll have all her outfits! :D My dad said he might help me buy those! Yay!

  2. Hadden says:

    I must have Saige!*Speaking like the dwarf/elf thing in Lord of The Rings*

  3. Avery says:

    Thirdie I like the secound and origanal outfits. I also like the pretty ring

  4. Avery says:

    Oh whoopsy NOT thirde like twenthie;)

  5. Sarah:D says:

    @Avery, More like 355th. :D Hahahah!

  6. Pretty Irish AG says:

    Okay, I’m planning on Gangnam styling at the American Girl store on march 21st.

  7. Sue says:

    I just ordered the books on our kindle. I was surprised that the illustrations didn’t have outfits other than the ones shown in the video here. No hints what else might be coming later.

  8. Hadden says:

    I can’t wait for January!(even though I only have like 70$)

  9. AGInParadise says:

    I have a plan. Here’s my plan:
    1. Save up $200 so that I have time to pick at the store when I go (I already have $200! :D )
    2. Go to the AG store on January 1st and get her and whatever of hers I decide to get
    3. make an opening video and post it on youtube!

    I also forgot to add….It’s so hard to wait right now! I’m so like “Cant AG release her early? D:” xD.

  10. Sarah:D says:

    AGInParadise- Please make an opening video! :)

  11. Hadden says:

    5 more comments till 365(well 4)

  12. Sarah-Lou says:

    I love her casual outfit (one with the cardi) and her pj’s

  13. CheerGirlAG says:

    i was just looking on facebook and i saw the prices for a bunch of saige`s stuff. Starter collection-$211,Hot Air Balloon -$150,Accessories-$28, Saige`s pink dress(called the saige`s sparkle dress on ag)-$30,Saige`s dog-$24,Saige`s sweater outfit-$34,saige`s painting set-$48. I don`t know if the price for the hot air balloon includes the air balloon accessories . Sorry. Hope the prices help.

  14. Pretty Irish AG says:

    I was adding up the prices and thought that was well over budget for me. But I’ll see when it comes online. Oh and 365th comment

  15. CheerGirlAG says:

    i love saige`s starter collection. so getting it jan.1.

  16. CheerGirlAG says:

    by the way pretty irish ag mine was 365th . i mean the comment that came after yours.

  17. CheerGirlAG says:

    by the way , all of us should post a video of opening saige on youtube. we could have a special sign to let us know who is one of the people on dd. we could like write doll diaries in the description . that way we would know.

  18. Pretty Irish AG says:

    Gangnam style plans may have changed. I might be doing it later. I might spend the beginning of my break going through basic certification. Mom says she’ll have to see, but she must either deny me or allow me. In order to guarantee a spot in the training, you must keep your finger hovering over F5 at all times

  19. Hadden says:

    I bet we could get 400 comments!So keep the comments comming!

  20. CheerGirlAG says:

    I am crazy over saige.
    My plan
    Save the money I have till jan.1
    Order on Jan.1
    She will arrive around jan.8

    I am so excited.

  21. Mad says:

    CheerGirlAG – thanks so much for the prices! It really helps my New Year’s plans.
    Do you have any idea how much the pajamas are going to cost?

  22. Pretty Irish AG says:

    I can’t wait until Sage enters the market

  23. CheerGirlAG says:

    Mad-I think they are going to be about $24-McKenna`s was that. That`s what it normally is.Hope it helps.

  24. Pretty Irish AG says:

    Will 2013 come sooner?

  25. AllieGirlAG says:

    I want the starter set and the pajamas. They are sooooo cute.
    Mckenna was my first doll and I got her for Christmas. I was so surprised because she was sold out.
    My mom surprised me.
    Take care Ya’ll

  26. CheerGirlAG says:

    Hi, by the way Saige`s dog is named Rembrandt. Her parade outfit is $34. All the AG outfits I think are going to be $30-$50.I doubt 50 though.The horse is $94.The MAG glasses are now $10.The hairbrush is$8.The shoes $15.The boots $16. The prices are crazy.):


  27. Hadden says:

    I thought it was Sam.

  28. Marie says:

    How do I convince my Mom to let me buy Saige?

  29. AllieGirlAG says:

    I would like you get Saige.
    My mom likes Molly and Emily. Is it worth buying the Best Friends set with accessories for those two?
    What are they like?
    I think Saige is sooo pretty.
    I just got Mckenna for Christmas and she was my first AGD.
    If I get Saige, I think I should get the starter set and like I said before, the pajamas.
    I got Cooper with McKenna because I have a Golden Doodle, and I love the PJ’s because they are of Coconut and I also have a Westie. OMG TOO CUTE!!!!!!!!
    Take Care Ya’all.

  30. AllieGirlAG says:

    I live in Canada and am nowhere near an AG store.
    You are ALL sooo lucky to be able to go to one.
    If my mom gets a passport maybe I can get to one next year!
    She is excited to visit a store too!
    Not sure which one is closest to me, they are ALL so afr away from me.

  31. Pretty Irish AG says:

    @Marie, use gift money for at least half of the purchase

  32. Hadden says:

    @Marie, first thing, DO NOT BEG,COMPLAINE, OR WHINE! Try to sweet talk your parents and explain to them what your going to do with Saige and why you want her.After that say how much you adore her and that you saved up all your hard earned cash just to buy the perfect doll(SAIGE!)

  33. Hadden says:

    @Marie, first thing, DO NOT BEG,COMPLAINE, OR WHINE! Try to sweetly talk to your parents and explain to them what your going to do with Saige and why you want her.After that say how much you adore her and that you saved up all your hard earned cash just to buy the perfect doll(SAIGE!)

  34. Hadden says:

    I meant sweet talk your parents

  35. Hadden says:

    Whops! I put it twice.

  36. Hadden says:

    Mimi’s dog is named Rembrandt. Saiges dog is named Sam. They are both brothers.

  37. Hadden says:

    Am I the only one commenting on here today

  38. Pretty Irish AG says:

    Not anymore

  39. Saoirse says:

    Is she available for pre-order

  40. Saoirse says:

    I’m pretty sure I’m going to order most of her collection at once. You know cause if I ordered it separate I’d have to send it all to a friends house and they would have to send it to Ireland. This is what I’m hoping to get.
    1. Her stater collection
    2. Her pyjamas
    3. Her fancy dress
    4. Her horse
    5. Her dog
    6. Her horse extras
    Yes I know it’s a lot and I’m spending a fortne but I really love her!

  41. Char says:

    No, but you can order her tomorrow.

  42. Pretty Irish AG says:

    I was brainstorming Halloween costumes for Miss Saige

  43. CheerGirlAG says:

    I just looked on the AG website.She’s there.I cannot wait to get her. I will probably order her around 10:30am. My friend is coming over and so I want her to be there when I do it.TTLY

  44. CheerGirlAG says:

    First comment of the. News year

  45. Pretty Irish AG says:

    I calculated the amount of money I will have saved by the time I visit the American Girl store and I decided to buy the starter collection, the sparkle outfit and the puppy. I’ll buy the Pj’s post-certification. They’re cute and have some mix and match potential, but not worth buying immediately. I told Mom that when I go to the American Girl store, I will buy the starter collection because you get, by AG’s standards, quite a bit for $211.

  46. Keely says:

    ????i’m getting her and her accsesories.

  47. Annika says:

    Saige is so awesome. I really want her. I am BIG reader so I have already read all of her books. They are great.