Long time Doll Diaries reader, Sophie T. sent in these photos of the Winter Chalet she made based on inspiration from the one from American Girl a few years ago.


DIY Doll Winter Chalet

My daughter wanted the AG winter chalet when it first came out, but there was no way I would spend that kind of money on doll furniture. So we decided to make it instead, out of a shipping box (about 14″X14″). We had a great time planning it and making it.

We made the roof with the remaining parts of the box once one side was cut off. We made the opening for the window. For the walls and floor, we printed some weathered wood looking design on paper, and applied it to the box with mod podge. Then for the roof, we used cardstock that we cut and slightly bended to give the tiled effect. The chimney is covered with rock printed paper. The window and roof decoration is simple red cardstock. We also found a few retro ski posters that we printed so we can change the wall decoration.


The fireplace was a little trickier to make. We used corrugated cardboard that we could bend and glue in place on a quarter of a circle base painted black. That bended form was then covered with a rock pattern paper that we printed and sealed with mod podge. The top part is a paper plate that we cut the right size and painted a copper color. Inside is a tea light and we made the logs with real twigs that we sealed with mod podge three by three.

The bench was made following a tutorial here on Doll Diaries: http://dolldiaries.com/camp-doll-diaries-make-camp-benches/

DIY Doll Ski Chalet

So for less than $10, we now have this cute winter chalet and snowman for our dolls to enjoy!

DIY Doll Ski Chalet

The sweater and hat Tess is wearing is handmade using a pattern by Debonair Designs (pattern is called Archipelago, available on Ravelry, Craftsy and Etsy).  The mug was bought at Michaels, a couple years ago, I just added a piece of brown foam on which I glued tiny bits of white felt to mimic marshmallows.



The snowman is fairly easy to make. I had the supplies for a long time (and the larger Styrofoam ball suffered quite a few damages). I mounted the three balls (18”, 14” and 12” diameter) one over the other (cutting the tops and bottoms flat and using toothpicks to fix them one to the other in the center part). I painted them with a coat of white paint, let it dried, then applied a coat of glitter paint to give it shimmer and painted the cheeks with candy pink paint (dabbing it with my fingers). I found in my scrapbooking supplies brads and sequins to adorn the little guy. The twigs are from my hydrangea! They are sealed with mod podge. The hat, mitts and scarf, I knitted them myself using free patterns found on Ravelry. Sophie’s Snowman turned out so incredibly cute! You can make your own snowman using a tutorial we shared a few years ago – make a snowman for your dolls.