Soon to be Back on Track

Hello girls! It is Natalie here today. Char’s flight is delayed so I am here to post some pictures of Toy Fair 2013! There are some pretty cute ones here so brace yourself! First up is a picture of the cute tote bag that we brought. We put the DollDiaries logo on it and stuff was put on there throughout the day!

As you can see there are some pins from Adora doll and the DollDiaries logo then there are a few other little ones. Char used the tote to keep all her papers, notepads, and all that other good stuff.

In the photo above we have Matilda and Amelia(Girl for All Time). They are on their way to breakfast with Char!

And last but not least(for now)… Taxi! Billy(Tonner City Girls doll) found a little friend. When Char got into her hotel room she saw a cute little gorilla stuffed animal with a shirt on it! Billy sprinted over to him and was hugging him and playing with him all night!

Okay, that is all of the pictures for now! More will be up when Char gets home though. Thank you all for being so patient! We will be back on track with our post and stuff soon!

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  1. omg you saw clementine! i Cant wait!

  2. Gail – OMG is right. Clementine is DIVINE!

  3. What British time period is Clementine from?

  4. WWII, specifically the Blitz in late 1940 and early 1941, I believe.

  5. Yes, this is correct Lena. I can not even begin to express how excited I am for Clementine. Her meet outfit left me speechless and I just couldn’t take my eyes off of her the entire time I was sitting there talking with Frances. I got to dress her in her party outfit and loved that too.

  6. *is totally not jealous*

  7. Thank you, Lena. I am not familiar with the Girl for All Time doll line.

  8. hope u do a giveaway! do you have a pic of her?

  9. Of who? Clementine? I was allowed to play with Clementine but no photos allowed yet 😉 As soon as A Girl for All Time is ready for her to debut I will make sure to share them right away.

  10. thx! cant wait!

  11. Oh Char! I AM SO JEALOUS!!!