Sometimes I come across posts on other doll blogs that I think are just too good to keep to myself! There have been some great reads lately and I just felt like sharing them with you today.

how to make a doll sized hermit crab

Liz at American Girl Fan shows you how to make the MOST ADORABLE hermit crab for your dolls. Seriously? How can you resist those googly eyes? Go there now….

At The Doll Wardrobe Maple shares her tips on how to be an amazing doll model. Whether you are a beginning photographer or a true pro, Maple has some really great tips for you! Go there now…

Blythe dolls

I think it is only a matter of time before I breakdown and get a Blythe doll. The thing I worry about is that I won’t be able to stop at one (kind of like I couldn’t stop at one Ellowyne). Something about those oversized eyes and heads and pouty little faces just screams CUTE! I found a tumblr blog filled with hundreds of Blythe photos that I just couldn’t keep to myself. Go there now…

Tonner Doll Hospital

Tonner Doll’s blog has a new feature – Dr. Noreen, their resident doll doctor is sharing some of her before and afters and insight into being a doll doctor. First you need to see the introduction that includes a video of Dr. Noreen with Robert Tonner and then go see her amazing before and after of a vintage composition doll repair.

Enjoy!! Stop back tomorrow for May’s Spotlight Sites and more.