So Good I Had To Share

Sometimes I come across posts on other doll blogs that I think are just too good to keep to myself! There have been some great reads lately and I just felt like sharing them with you today.

how to make a doll sized hermit crab

Liz at American Girl Fan shows you how to make the MOST ADORABLE hermit crab for your dolls. Seriously? How can you resist those googly eyes? Go there now….

At The Doll Wardrobe Maple shares her tips on how to be an amazing doll model. Whether you are a beginning photographer or a true pro, Maple has some really great tips for you! Go there now…

Blythe dolls

I think it is only a matter of time before I breakdown and get a Blythe doll. The thing I worry about is that I won’t be able to stop at one (kind of like I couldn’t stop at one Ellowyne). Something about those oversized eyes and heads and pouty little faces just screams CUTE! I found a tumblr blog filled with hundreds of Blythe photos that I just couldn’t keep to myself. Go there now…

Tonner Doll Hospital

Tonner Doll’s blog has a new feature – Dr. Noreen, their resident doll doctor is sharing some of her before and afters and insight into being a doll doctor. First you need to see the introduction that includes a video of Dr. Noreen with Robert Tonner and then go see her amazing before and after of a vintage composition doll repair.

Enjoy!! Stop back tomorrow for May’s Spotlight Sites and more.


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  1. awesome!!!!!!!

  2. That is so adorable!
    The Doll Wardrobe picture- I LOVE her hat! It’s fantastic!
    Liz- I love that! Hahaha!
    That’s a beautiful picture of the Blythe doll! She’s a beauty!

  3. I have an Ashton-Drake replica of a 1972 blonde Blythe, (like the one I had as a child). It holds fond memories, b/c my older sister (RIP) gave her to me.

  4. Oh! And I love the hermit crab. That would be a good project for my class!

  5. Blythes are INSIDIOUS. My friend here is all about the Blythes, and she keeps trying to suck me in. I caved and got Yilan, my Pullip, and I’m probably going to get an ICY doll (CHinese Blythe knockoff) for my friend to mod for me. After that, who knows? Dolls are just addictive, that’s all there is to it!

  6. I’m wondering if I start with the little Blythes in the Target Littlest Pet Shop sets if that will do the job?

  7. The blythe dolls are so cute

  8. I go on Lizs website all the time

  9. Those r Blythe in the littlest pet shop kits? But anyway, cool!

  10. Yes, there are some Littlest Pet Shop with Blythe.

  11. Char, the little blythes will only suck you into the big ones. I tried that, just getting the little Pullips. Didn’t work, I just wanted MOAR.

    The plastic people, they will take over the world!

  12. i might need a blythe now!

  13. GREAT!

  14. vallorey777 says:

    omg i love mckenna soooooooo much i am taking her and julie to florda

  15. Abigail says:

    I should NOT have looked at all those beautiful Blythes………….

  16. On ebay someone is trying to sell a blythe doll for THREE THOUSAND DOLLARS.

  17. aglover says:

    lizs site is cool so is yours char

  18. liz also has a message board on her site, I am super excited, Kit Snicket joined my blog as an author!.

  19. AHH! Blythe is too expensive! Char I luv ya and this blog but please show us some cool new AFFORDABLE dolls.

  20. Gail, I know Blythe is expensive unless you get the little ones that come with Littlest Pet Shop. There are lots of new dolls in a variety price ranges coming out this summer I will share with you.

  21. So glad you enjoyed the craft, Char and everybody! 😉

    I LOVE Blythe dolls! I’ve seen some priced on Ebay in the $100 range. Simply Chocolate and Simply Vanilla are the most affordable and few other types like the Bohemian kinds. The Blythe Littlest Petshop ones are awesome too, I have three of them–the Winter Blythe, the French Blythe, and the London Blythe. They help me wait for the day when I can get a real Blythe. :)

    If you want to see some adorable Blythe doll pictures go to: It’s one of my favorite blogs!


  22. i have another question- why did i look at that blythe picture when i seen it i pushed mysellf to ebay and i dont know what to do now!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  23. thx Char sorry if I offended you

  24. Im getting two little blythe dolls from ebay that came from littlest pet shop sets but the owners are selling them seperately from the sets so my mom ordered for me one is being sent from not far away from me because i live in british columbia and the location the blythe doll im getting is in british columbia so ill be getting that in a week the other one is in hong kong so ill have to wait like 2 -3 weeks. Im in love with blythe dolls, almost more obsessed with blythe than american girl, don’t get me wrong i lLOVE ag always.

  25. I try to get dolls that are located in north america because they don’t take very long to arrive so the one im getting in a week will help me wait for the one coming in almost a month. I hate to admit it but i get REALLY IMPATIENT Waiting for dolls from outside north america because they take like a month and i honestley cannot wait that long. Because when im waiting every minute for it to come in a month it takes a REALLY long time.

  26. I like the Bythe Bubble Boom

  27. Gail- wow she is pretty! I like her, friendly freckles and simply mangO from what I’ve seen so far.

  28. ik but she is so expensive!

  29. I know!!! :)

  30. Do u know how tall they r, Gail?

  31. H wait there 11″ or 14″