American Girl’s new 2014  items are in the stores, except for Isabelle and her collection.  Today I had the opportunity to visit the Atlanta store and bring you these first hand pictures.  There were no new items for historical dolls and there were no sale items.   Let’s take a look….

We start with the 2014 Valentine outfit for $28

Valentine accessories for $20

Close up of shoes and Valentine center piece. 

Tennis outfit for $38

Closer look , Love All!

Now the charm necklace is packaged and available on the racks without having to request it.

New undies each for $12

Store Exclusives or as they called it Store Souvenirs. Each piece is sold separately.  T-shirt $10, Shorts $12, Accessories set $ 14 we will look at these closer later.

Pink Canvas shoes $14

Store Exclusive PJs $18 does not include socks

Matching Girl’s T-shirt

Matching Girl’s PJs

New hair accessories, yellow eyeglasses and earrings

New sandals $14,  the Store Exclusive/Souvenir includes red purse, pink headband, grey with white polka dot shoes, and the socks.leggings set is not new but I have included it because they go well with the store exclusives.

Saige modeling the OJ combination that I put together for you

Dabbie modeling the store exclusive outfit I put together for you

close up of undies set and shorts.  I really like these shorts.

Bitty Baby did have three new items, here the are grouped together but let me break them down for you.  The Mix n Match Tea set brings all the pieces of clothes pictures in different combinations for $42, the tea set includes the cup/saucers and pot for $28 and the Tea Party Treats is $24

More of the different pieces combination

These items were not at the AG store, they are from the Dollar Section at Target.  I thought they made perfect doll accessories.  The plastic mailbox for Valentine cards, the Chinese Fortune Cookies are erasers, the Lollipop is also an eraser and the Prep bowls are soft plastic and make great bowls for baking.

What do you think of the new items? Any on your wish list?