Sneak Peek – GOTY 2014 Isabelle’s Collection

American Girl of the Year 2014 Isabelle

It is that time of year again… the buzz is all about the next American Girl of the Year, sneak peeks of her collection, and anticipation of getting her. We will be going to the American Girl store on January 1st for her debut and will get her then, but it is nice to see what is in her collection first.

agoverseasfan posted a video on her channel with photos from the pages of the new catalog. If you don’t want to spoil the surprise, don’t watch the video.

What do you think of her collection? That armoire/vanity with the mirrored doors is amazing – and expensive. I like some of her outfits and accessories, but I think I will wait until we see them in person before I decide what we will be getting.

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  1. Emily says:

    Princess P’s mom I have almost 10 dolls and have 3 shelves in my room that I put them on I also have 1 bed for them.

  2. AwesomeAgz says:

    Eh….. I’m not getting her. I think she has a little too much pink to her, and I really would like to get this one other doll. But my sister will probably want her though! Saige is sold out, I’m glad I got her while I could :)

  3. Anna says:

    The clothes for girls are so cool

  4. April says:

    Does anyone know if American Girl is going to release a new historical doll in 2014? I looked on the trade mark website and it says American Girl trade marked the name Grace Thomas. Does anyone know anything about that? By the way I love the American Girl doll of 2014. She’s really pretty. I might have to get her but not sure.

  5. Anna says:

    i am getting her i cant wait

  6. Isabella says:

    April- And at the same time as the other historicals!!! I bet there’s gonna be a new historical 😀

  7. Isabella says:

    OR maybe you found the name for GOTY 2015, because they did trademark ”Isabelle Palmer” too…

  8. April says:

    Isabella- Yeah I hope they make another historical doll!! :) When do historical dolls normally come out? Sometime in the fall right? I’m wondering if Mary Casanova will write the books for GOTY 2015 because she wrote Jess 2006 Chrissa 2009 and McKenna 2012. Well I guess I’ll have to wait and see.

  9. Jessica says:

    I don’t think Grace Thomas is going to be a 50s doll because Molly was a 50s doll and they just retired her.

  10. i am always right says:

    @jessica, molly was a 40s doll not a 50s doll

  11. April says:

    Hum, what do you all think? Does Grace Thomas sound more of a historical girl name or a GOTY name?

  12. DipperlovesSaige says:

    I think she’s high price because her hair clip.

  13. April says:

    I wonder why Isabelle is higher priced than the other American Girl dolls.

  14. giavanna m rutstein says:

    and i agree with april. i love historical dolls!!! i don’t know when they come out though. sorry! and if anyone saw the halloween american girl doll vidios on youtube, they’re amazing! again… get back to me.

  15. giavanna m rutstein says:

    april- remember how you posted, “when do historical dolls usually come out?”? well you can get a cupon for samantha on the web and she’s historical. i have her so i know. :) hope it helps!!!! 😀

  16. giavanna m rutstein says:

    one last comment: check out the saige movie! i just saw it. :) it was amazing!!!!!!!

  17. Savana Valentine says:

    I so much LOVE Isabelle she is so so so CUTE.Love. Savana Valentine

  18. giavanna m rutstein says:

    i know1 she looks awesome in the magazien. do any of you have her? =)

  19. April says:

    Giavanna-Ok I’ll have to check it out. Thanks!! :) I really like Samantha and I’m sad they retired her.

  20. jada says:

    hi i love