Early this fall A Girl for All Time will be releasing the third doll from their line of 16″ dolls based on stories and events in British history. The characters all have one thing in common – they are descendants of the Marchmont family and their family trunk and necklace get passed on from generation to generation. The first doll in the series was Matilda, Your Tudor Girl, whose adventures took her from her “boring” country life into the glamour and drama of King Henry VIII’s court.

A Girl for All Time Matilda

The second doll in the series, Amelia, Your Victorian Girl, lives in London in the late 1880’s. She is taken from her countryside school and placed in the city of London with her somewhat odd Aunt and Uncle when it is feared her father has died at sea. Β Amelia is turning 13 and that means she will inherit the trunk passed down to her – except her Uncle has a different idea for the trunk and its contents. Amelia’s adventures take to places she would have never imagined including the stage – and yes, there is a happy ending, too.

A Girl for All Time Amelia

And that brings us to the next story – Clementine, Your 1940s Girl, who is going to take your breath away! Clementine lives in England during WWII and her story takes her from the city to the country (opposite from Amelia’s story). I was lucky enough to get to see the working prototype of Clementine and her collection in February at Toy Fair and I was completely captivated by her. A Girl for All Time posted this photo of her on Facebook today and gave me permission to share it with you:

A Girl for All Time Clementine

Let me just say that this photo does not do her justice or her clothing justice in any way!! Yes, she has short, straight red hair but her face mold is different from Matilda and Amelia’s. Her meet dress is just perfect for her. The muted colors, the sheer fabric, so perfect. The A Girl for All Time team really goes all out on the details and quality as well as historical accuracy in every aspect of the doll.Β 

A Girl for All Time Clementine

This is a photo I took of Clementine from my iPhone while we were at breakfast during Toy Fair. The sun was coming in through the giant windows and you can really get the effect of how sheer the fabric in her dress is. And those ankle socks and brown shoes, oh yes, how sweet are they???

I can not wait until we get to share the full photos of Clementine, see her in person again, and of course, read her story, too!Β