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American Girl Sleepover Party Ideas

Take a group of girls, add their dolls, and mix in a sleepover and you have a sure fire recipe for fun! My good friend Kit at has put together some great  ideas and tips for hosting an American Girl Sleepover Party, and while her party ideas are fantastic, you know as well as I do, there are always more great ideas to add to the list. To make things even more fun, is giving away a set of 5 American Girl books to one lucky Doll Diaries reader (more on that below) and all you have to do to enter is share one of your sleepover party tips.

American Girl Books Giveaway


One lucky winner will receive five books from the American Girl collection perfect for sleepover fun or anyday including:

Slumber Wonders-Make Your Slumber Party Dreams Come True
Quick Change  (Innerstar U)
Picture Yourself  HERE –  Turn your favorite photos into silly scenes using the ideas and punch outs inside!
I Love Art – Move to the head of the class with art activities to help you pass!
Bored No More! Quiz Book


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Additionally, you can enter to win a $25 gift card to Celebrate Express from if you submit a party idea directly on their site (must be 18 or over).


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  1. hundredie

  2. Entry: A great doll tip sleepover:
    cut apples and other fruits into stars cookie cuters for ag symbol and have different bowls, of caramel melted chocolate and toppings for festive candy apples!
    get some scrapbooking paper and circle templates have guests trace it. Take a oval shape of aluiminum foil for potatoes (even though it hate them and fries) foaam shaoe for crab and be CREATIVE!
    During lunchtime pink shotglasses work as doll cups.
    Doll bingo is avaliable online.
    whip up a few plain tees or purchase some and have guests decorate with ironables, markers and such.
    Take shotglasses or hairspray caps and fill with white liquid glue. Mix with marker and add cotton on top with or without glitter glue. Cut a q- tip for a straw.

  3. I like the duck tape purses and i think it could have been a bit better if they watched all the Ag movies then talked a bit about the history and read parts of the books from all the series and have historical crafts to go with them like maybe a pet rock for Julie’s time and i also sent the link to two friends

  4. I like the braclet idea. My doll Maria loves jewlery.

  5. Entry:if you’re having a party and can’t think of a theme….don’t have a theme! mix up crazy things like a pinyata at a sleepover and clown bowling.but don’t forget to include tiny versons for your dolls!

  6. Posted on my blog.

  7. Idea: You can cut 2 inchesabove the top of a water bottle and fill it with colorful poms-poms, Then pour brown paint over it as ‘hot fudge’, and add a small red pom-pom for a cherry! and you have made A small Ice cream Sundae for your doll~You can buy small spoons at a dollar store.

  8. Just emailed 4 friends!

  9. Hi,
    I am speaking on my daughter’s behalf because she is not old enough to enter on her own or use FB. She liked the ice cream party! She doesn’t like cake but does like ice cream. Even though these are like a cupcake she likes the thought of them being in a cone! :)
    Great ideas! Thanks for the chance to win!

  10. I just love this website kidsparties123. My daughter birthday is coming up in December and I was scrabbling for ideas. I would say my favorite idea is the invitations its so unique and I love the fruit kabob idea as well. Another activity I would add is a hair salon area where the girls can do either their dolls hair or each others hair.

  11. I really like the AG party with the stars on the ceiling. And this is by total coinsidence, dut I have stars on MY ceiling!

  12. Oh, and I meant “but” in my first comment, not “dut” :)

  13. My favorite post was the one about the stars on the ceiling. It was soooooooooo awesome!

  14. I like Doll Diaries on facebook!

  15. I shared with my friends on facebook!

  16. I liked kidsparties123 on facebook! (Shimmer Buildabear)

  17. I love everything on the list i have never been to a sleep over

  18. My daughter loves everything AG. Plus she loves all the info she finds in dolldiaries.

  19. I like the no-sew doll t-shirt pillows. They sound fun!

  20. The ice cream party!

  21. I shared on FB and my blog. And I told all of my friends!

  22. I love the no sew pillows made with T-shirts!!

  23. I emailed three friends!

  24. Candice Lacy says:

    My favorite idea was the glow bottle night light. Fun!