Madelon here! In the past on Doll Diaries, Char has shown us how to make a simple doll skirts using repurposed clothes like this and this, but I thought it would be fun to make a fashion runway worthy ball gown from shirt sleeves. What do you think?

All Saige needs to do is pick out some fancy shoes and she is ready for the Red Carpet. I actually used two sleeves for this look so I would have finished ends at the top and the bottom of the dress.

For accessories I added a child’s pearl bracelet with a silver heart. It is on a stretchy string so it went over her head easily. For the belt (and to cover where the two sleeves meet), I used a cuff bracelet.

You can see it without the belt, too. I made one sleeve longer than the other so the long one could be worn like a tunic over leggings.

And here it is from the side.

My new rule of thumb is before you throw away a piece of “human” clothing, give it a good look and see how you might be able to repurpose it for something your dolls can enjoy.