While shopping with my daughter a few months ago we noticed the adorably simple headbands for sale.  It looked like they were made out of trim and ribbon pulled out of my craft stash.  Inspired by the fashion, my daughter and niece crafted their own version to wear.  Seeing their creations I knew I wanted to try one for dolls.   

I used a simple thin cotton lace for Rebecca’s headband.

Depending on what ribbon, lace, or trim you use, it will really change the look of the headband.  

Let’s make one together!


  • felt-white or black
  • ribbon, trim or lace
  • thin elastic chord
  • scissors
  • glue

If you have some, try this headband in a shaped ribbon, trim or lace instead of a straight one.  Both the gold trim in the photo above and the lace have shaped edges and it really adds to this project!  Of course this headband will work with any ribbon, trim or lace you like or have on hand.

Let’s make a headband!

Cut the ribbon 9 1/2″ long.  

Cut two small squares of felt that measure 1/2″x 1/2″. 

Glue each end of the ribbon to a felt piece.

Cut thin elastic chord to about 3″.  

As pictured below, lay the elastic in the center of the felt square, overlapping the length of the felt.  

Cover the felt in glue and fold over each side of the felt square.  

Hold in place while the glue dries. 

Repeat and attach the other end of the elastic and ribbon.  

The finished headband has just enough stretch to easily slip on or off.

Style this headband on top of the hair like Rebecca.

Try something different and slip it down over her forehead for a trendy look.  

 Either way you can always wear it like a traditional headband!

Create Simple Fashion!