So apparently, according to one of readers, Sherie, I am responsible for her new Ellowyne! Tee hee! Actually it makes me very happy to know that the photos and insight shared by myself and our readers can help you discover new dolls and gain appreciation for them as well. Sherie purchased her Dark Days Ellowyne shortly after I got mine and we both saved money by purchasing them as end of editions on the Wilde Imagination website.

Wilde Imagination Ellowyne Dark Days

From Sherie:

“I wanted to share my Ellowyne. I must say you inspired me to make the purchase, although it is a little weird we ended up with the same doll -she was the only one on sale at the time, I guess;) winking. I got her new clothes on ebay, though my 11 year old prefers the ones she came in. My husband added the harp (he usually hates dolls, but said she looked bored). I am also sending a picture of the Tonner rag dolls I bought on ebay. The girl is signed.”

Ellowyne from Wilde Imagination - Dark Days

Even though Sherie and I bought the same doll, I am convinced no two are ever alike. Her Ellowyne has a beauty and personality of her own. Just beautiful!!

Tonner puppets

Introducing Agnes and Viktor Dreary – 18″ rag dolls made by Robert Tonner that Sherie got on ebay. Agnes was a table favor at the 2008 Tonner Halloween convention and Viktor was available for purchase at that time. The fact that Agnes is signed is so cool!

Thanks Sherie for sharing a piece of your doll world with us!! Your Ellowyne looks quite at home.