The next best thing to going to and American Girl store on your own is to see the pictures and read about it from someone who did! One of our Facebook friends, Shannon, was so excited to be able to take her daughter to the American Girl Place in New York City – and she said the look on her daughter’s face was priceless when she found out she was going. Here are just a few of the pictures Shannon sent me to share with you. I tried to focus on the photos that show where AGPNY is a little different from some of the smaller stores like the one in Washington DC or Seattle.

American Girl Place New York Cafe

This is the cafe at the American Girl Place in New York. Like all the others, reservations are recommended. Another tip is to ask to be put on the wait list as soon as you arrive. The Cafe at the New York store is significantly bigger than the Bistros in the newer stores and it has great views. Shannon and her daughter didn’t eat there this time – maybe next time though.

American Girl Place New York

Because sometimes you just have to take pictures of this stuff! Shannon took a photo of the doll holders in the bathroom at AGPNY – yes, they all have them.

Getting ready to send a doll to the doll hospital

Shannon’s daughter’s MyAG #28 doll getting ready to go to the doll hospital. She’s looking forward to getting her back in 2-4 weeks. The look on her little face is just too precious – don’t worry sweetie, they’ll take good care of her!

AG Dreamy Day Bed

Her daughter was excited to see the Dreamy Doll Bed in the store as she got one of her own for Christmas.

American Girl Place New York

Posing in front of an Innerstar U display with all the My AG dolls in the background.

American Girl Kaya

The beautiful Kaya with her horse and animals.

AGOTY 2012 McKenna

Like much of McKenna’s collection, her practice outfit and bars/beam set are out of stock. I am so glad I got the gymnastics equipment when it first came out.

American Girl McKenna

The McKenna window display at American Girl Place New York.

American Girl New York

At the American Girl Place New York they have a special area of the store dedicated to all the American Girl pets.

American Girl pets

From left to right – Coconut, Ginger, Pepper, Chocolate Chip, Honey and Sugar.

American Girl NY Photo Studio

One of the things the New York store has that the smaller stores does not is a photo studio. You can have your daughter’s photo taken with her doll and then have a magazine cover created from it.

AGPNY raincoat

The look on Shannon’s daughter’s face in this photo is priceless. I can’t tell whether she is so excited to see Sugar in her rain gear or whether she is horrified. It was too cute not to share.

American Girl shower set

I don’t know about you but it looks a little crowded in that bathroom πŸ˜‰

American Girl Place NY pets

Sharing a special moment with Pepper who is getting ready for a hike.

American Girl tent set

Shannon’s daughter playing with the new tent set – the lantern is mighty cute.

American Girl shopping

Whew!! That is one big bag!! I would say the day was a success.

Thanks so much Shannon for sharing these awesome photos of your day at the American Girl Place in New York and your too cute for words daughter!