SFStyleClub Surprise Again

You just have to love a company that sends you goodies out of the blue!! Natalie has been playing on the Springfield Collection SFStyleClub.com website on and off for a while now and apparently she has got a few points along the way! 


A package arrived today from SFStyleClub.com addressed to Natalie. She opened the package and found a cute pair of black and white tennis shoes. Her Springfield doll Olivia was very happy to get them!

Springfield Doll Shoes

What do you think? I think they are pretty cute! 

At least one other Doll Diaries reader got a package from SFStyleClub.com today – Delaney and her package contained a pair of glasses for her doll. 

The SFStyleClub is an interactive mini site specifically for girls to play online. They can mix and match clothes from the Springfield Collection and have their favorite Springfield doll model it online, they can send e-cards, play games and do activities, too. The new Springfield outfits in stores also have a scratch off area that will reveal a secret code you can use to earn more points, too. There doesn’t seem to be a certain point level you have to be at to get a prize, but it seems like every so often they send out surprise gifts all at once to their members. Definitely a great way to make a little girl’s day!

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  1. Awesome!!!!!????

  2. And firstie

  3. I like them, too. Do they fit the American Girl dolls easily?

  4. Hmmm…I haven’t gotten anything yet this time. Last time I got the prom dress and silver purse. I already have the black shoes and I painted red stripes on them w/ t-shirt paint. I also have some wire-rimmed glasses, but the lenses were warped and popped out. I have 308 points at the SF Style Club. so I wonder if I’ll be getting something. Hmmm…

  5. Do you still get the packages if you live in Canada?

  6. @Madelon, the shoes do fit American Girl dolls quite well. I’ve got them on an AG, and she has socks on, too. My pair came today as well, and it was a pleasant surprise! :)

  7. Thanks for mentioning my Char:)
    Those shoes are so adorable!

  8. I got it too!

  9. StoryTeller says:

    I think I need to join this club…. 😀
    Do you have to have a Springfield doll to join?

  10. StoryTeller – no you don’t. It is free to join and fun to play as well.

  11. I got my pair too! I like the activities.

  12. Lydia- Sorry they don’t, I guess high shipping is an issue.

  13. Im still trying to get my mom to let me. Its only fair if both my sister and i have accounts though.

  14. I think that I will definetly go to that website!
    I don’t have a Springfield doll, but I’m sure that everything will fit my AG dolls :)

  15. I got a pair as well. My 4 year old daughter was so excited to get the shoes. Her brothers were so excited for her that they wanted to set up accounts too to try and get free stuff for their sister.

  16. Hannah O. says:

    I got the glasses yesterday too!!! The said it was a membership prize just for being a member!!!!

  17. Isabella – all the Springfield doll clothes fit AG

  18. Cheryl – that is so sweet!

  19. i got them to!!!!!!

  20. Is it free?

  21. Yes it is free.

  22. How often do you get the prizes? That’s awesome! Is it the more you play the more often you’ll get prizes? :- )

  23. Amanda – there doesn’t seem to be a schedule yet – its kind of random!

  24. A,manda, the last time I got my prize was the last time I logged on– but I still got the prizes– Char’s right, it’s sorta random! Hooray for randomness! 😉

  25. COOL! i think i will be earning more points…………like now!!!!

  26. They just put some Halloween crafts up, and you can earn more points just by viewing them!

  27. Thanks Char and Delaney! I’m gonna ask my mom if I can sign up 😀 Yes, hooray for randomness!!! Cheeseburger!!! 😀

  28. I haven’t gotten anything yet, but I’ll be watching!

  29. Hey, my sister and I both got glasses in the mail! Although she thought that they looked too weird on her doll, so she put them on one of her stuffed animals =^).

  30. I got glasses too! ^^

  31. Cool! I wish I could do it.

  32. omg i got a silver prom dress plus sparkly purse first time today i recieved purple arygle shirt, two jean krits, blue sweater, pink camo shirt, and neon pink capri leggings all in one package!

  33. A couple months ago they randomly sent me ice skates for my doll!!

  34. Char, do the Springfield shoes have foam bottoms?

  35. I just got an email today saying that I got a free pair of sneakers like those, but I believe they said they were pink! Congratulations on getting them.