I love the creative ideas you all come up with and photo stories are just so much fun. Here is a quick photo story from Vivi for you to enjoy!

Hello! I’m Caroline on Caroline’s crafts. Today we will be sewing a tunic. All you need is some
fabric, a spool of thread, string, and a sewing machine. Now let’s tidy up a bit….

Much better. Now if I could only find that cloth….

Where could it be?

Oh. There it is!

Let’s get started. First gather up all your supplies!

First fold back the cloth and pull the string through.

Now sew the sides….

Now the Velcro….

Now make a bow out of string and sew it on!

Congratulations! You just made a pretty tunic! You can use it as pajamas or just as a t-shirt!

Thank you Vivi for sending in this fun photo story about Caroline! If you have a craft tutorial, photo story, review or other idea you would like us to share with the Doll Diaries community, please visit the GET FEATURED page to find out how.