Sewing Success – Addison’s Liberty Jane Bandeau Top

Finally… I decided I just had to get some sewing done today and I did. For some reason, our BFC Ink doll Addison was the lucky girl again and got a new top. To get warmed up, I picked an easy pattern – the Bandeau Top from Liberty Jane Patterns:

Liberty Jane patterns

See the big EASY button – Liberty Jane is kind enough to let us know what we are getting into before we start and today was an easy kind of day.

I picked out a cute fabric with some purple in it to match Addison’s purple jeans, then I cut out the pattern and cut out the fabric.

The pattern was so easy to follow! Liberty Jane does such a great job making their patterns clear by using more photos than needed and instructions that even a 10 year old can follow.

Liberty Jane Pattern for BFC Ink

Tada! Addison loves her new top! Next time I make this pattern I may try using a knit fabric rather that the woven but I like how this one turned out.

Thanks again Liberty Jane, that was just the kind of project I needed today. See that stack of fabric? Maybe I should make the American Girl dolls or Ellowynes some new things, too, this weekend.


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  1. agisthebest says:


  2. FirstieKt

  3. Cute

  4. This is cute :)
    I’m going to build a bear tomorrow had any body been there if so what’s it like? It’s my Easter present and for being good getting 2yes TWO Ethan pulled out it hurt but there fine right now my patents said they used to call them fang teeth. And char, Fabiola’s job on making this gorgeous top :)

  5. I mean two teeth not Ethan! I hate spell check!

  6. Ugggh teeth

  7. Chloe – Build a Bear is fun – you’ll have to share your photos of what you make. Thanks for the kind words, too.

  8. Pretty Irish AG says:

    I recently got the yoga pants bundle. I want to make yoga pants for my dollies because I love yoga!

    Also, what should my next doll be?
    -MAG 35 [Deanna]
    -MAG 33 [Maia]
    -MAG 55 [Julia]
    -MAG 49 [Carlin]
    -(maybe, in the future) MAG 57 [Caprice]
    -MAG 30 [Celeste]

  9. Pretty Irish AG says:

    Char, may I make a suggestion? I think the pink flowered fabric would look best as the Salina dress. But that’s my opinion. What’s yours?

  10. Anastasia says:

    I’ve always wanted to sew things for my doll like that, but I’m not very good at sewing.

  11. Anastasia – it just takes practice and a little patience. You should try it.

  12. Pretty Irish AG – Natalie loves that pink fabric. We are making a dress for Kanani with it.

  13. Pretty Irish AG says:

    That would look CUTE on Kanani, Char!

  14. Pretty Irish AG-I would either go with McKenna (because she’ll only be here for one year) or Josefina. (Just because I personally love her) 😀

  15. Char, do you recommend bfc ink?

  16. Zoe – the BFC Ink dolls are affordable, fun to post and have great play value. The only thing you have to be aware of is that their hair is horrible right out of the box which is why ours always had her hair in a braid and then we gave her a haircut. I love her shorter look.

  17. Caitlin says:

    I found some patterns at Walmart. I picked pink and purple cheeta print fabric and my mom is going to help me sew the dress!

  18. Caitlin – be sure to share the photos with us when you are done.

  19. Caitlin says:

    Ok! Well i havent started yet :)

  20. awesome she looks so cute!!

  21. How cute! Good job!

  22. agisthebest says:

    pretty irish ag-
    i think you should get julie.
    she is my fav and + i have her.
    her hair is wonberful and she is beautiful.

  23. Princess Belle says:

    Ooh, Char. You are so talented. I’m not very good at sewing. I mean, I CAN sew, but I’m ot the best. I absoulutley cannot knit, though. 😉 But Char, you’re good at all these things, which comes in handy with dolls!

  24. Char, I just got back! It was awesome and really cool! I got the watercolor bunny and some outfits along with a zebra small fry as soon as u read please reply, would u like me to send some photos right now and is there a Curtain amount I can send?

  25. Hi. The shirt is really pretty. By the way where can you buy the BFC Ink books? And where can you buy clothes that are BFC ink size? Because I might get a BFC Ink doll.

  26. Chloe – you can email me when you are ready – maybe pick 2-3 of your favorites.

  27. Ok ill see if i can pick out my favorite three

  28. Is anyone gonna answer my question? The one about BFC ink. About where can you buy the books. And where can you get clothes that will fit them. Because I might get one.

  29. Ashly – please be patient – we don’t live inside the computer 😉 Your best bet is to look on I have not seen the books.

  30. Thanks Char. Sorry about not being patient.

  31. I sent the photos ! It’s mainly what I got because the store was crowed and there were kids acting like maniacs

  32. Pretty Irish AG says:

    In “What’s Up With McKenna?” I posted that I was trying to test into college early. Well…I made it in! I shall reward myself with…McKenna because this year is a big year for me.

  33. CONGRATS!!! Pretty Irish AG – that is so fantastic. Thanks for letting us know – you are inspiration for other girls who dream big!

  34. Pretty Irish AG says:

    My friends are extremely excited. I actually thought this day would never come!

  35. Pretty Irish AG says:

    I promise I’ll post pictures of McKenna.

  36. Pretty Irish AG says:

    I think I’ll also buy next year’s GOTY because I’ll graduate High school next year

  37. This is so cute!

  38. Thank you Cinnamon.