We are headed up to AGDC for some back to school shopping before I am off my feet for a while, but don’t worry, we have quite a few fun posts queued up and ready to go for you today! Let’s start with another adorable guest post from ShannieJo!


For Fashion Week on Doll Diaries we decided to show you our sewing workroom!  We were really excited to start using our new sewing machine. My daughter had her dad make a sewing machine out of scrap wood. I got the task of painting and decorating the machine. My daughter loves it and since she missed out on Chrissa’s craft studio we decided to recreate some of those items as well.

For our room “wallpaper” we used a bright polka dot wrapping paper. For small tables and craftroom storage we used Julies room accessories. The large sewing table I created by using a candleholder stacked with books on top and a tablecloth to cover it. We filled a small basket with scrap fabric and Kit used her iron for getting out all the wrinkles and to flatten out any seams that need to be sewn down. The bowl of yarn is embroidery floss folded
in half and wrapped in the middle with brown paper. We made the knitting needles from chopsticks that were cut down and painted. A handmade pottery bowl holds all the goodies.

The small dress form and the fabric swatches came from a craft set we bought a few years ago. We downsized a Keep Calm and Sew On print and placed it a small picture frame. The small strawberry pincushion was in my sewing box for years, too small for me but perfect for my daughters dolls.

Here’s a shot of the front of the machine.

Our caddy is made from a small wooden craft circle I painted black. We cut down small dowels and hot glued them to the base. The small spools of thread are from a travel size sewing kit. The middle of the caddy is a lid from a small perfume bottle that I painted black. We made a pencil from a toothpick. The scissors are from a doll set we had on hand. I created the tape measure by typing the lines and numbers on my computer. Next I printed it out on yellow construction paper. I downsized it again to make it a little smaller for the dolls and then reprinted it. I trimmed the paper down and since I didn’t have any laminate, I simply used regular scotch tape. Place one piece on each side, roll out any big wrinkles, and trim the extra tape. It makes it pretty and shiny.

The sewing machine was again made by dad. I wasn’t home when it was created. So I don’t have any details. My husband never uses any designs just the ones in his head. There are several different and cool designs online if you do a search. I know the sewing foot is a picture hanger and he used a wooden craft peg for the spool holder. However, I did paint the machine and used small wooden craft circles in different sizes for the knobs. I glued a  wooden square to the machine, glued on tiny beads for the buttons, and printed out the label on the computer. Just remember that sewing machines are all different and you can design it and decorate it any way you want to. I wanted a sticker on it but my daughter wanted it plain, oh well! Just have fun with it!

We hope everybody had a great fashion week!