Today I have a simple sewing project for dolls with an adventurous twist!

Sew A Fur Pillow For Dolls

Why fur is an off-road adventure.

Today the sewing machine (or needle and thread) meets adventure! ūüôā

Just outside of the town here, there are curving,¬†smooth, rock formations that hug the landscape. ¬†People come from far and near to drive their jeeps and trucks over the rocks in “rock crawling” competitions. ¬†It’s definitely an off-roading adventure to navigate natures wonders in a jeep. ¬†Sometimes I sweat and wring my hands when I watch them¬†climb the sloping sides, or tilt¬†over the uneven obstacles. ¬†It’s marvelous to watch and mind boggling at the same time because in my mind, cars are made for roads. ¬†And the most adventurous road I’ve driven on is a dirt one.

Oh, but give me a sewing machine and I will show you an off roading adventure! ¬†(And believe me a needle and thread can even take you there.) ¬†I have no desire to take my car on uneven surfaces but a needle and thread? ¬†Oh, yeah! ¬†Here’s why.

  1. Super cool to actually sew through different textures.
  2. Mind boggling that much texture is contained and reformed to make something new.
  3. Always amazing how the texture adds to the project.

Sew A Fur Pillow For Dolls

So are you up for an adventure?  Oh, yes join me!  I will guide you through it the whole way.  Promise.  We will navigate fur to create an awesome textured, furry pillow for dolls!

Sew A Fur Pillow For Dolls

Sewing a Fur Pillow for Dolls.


  • faux fur fabric
  • scissors
  • batting
  • ruler
  • pins
  • needle
  • thread
  • thimble (for hand sewing)

First of all don’t be intimidated by the “faux fur” in the list. ¬†Faux simply means it looks like fur but it isn’t real animal fur.

Needle and Thread Instructions: I wrote out these instructions for using a sewing machine. ¬†It is really just the same exact steps to use a needle and thread instead. ¬†Don’t be intimidated if you are going this route. ¬†This a simple and small project so it will be easy to hand sew it. ¬†I have a couple tips, one is to keep your stitches small and close together. ¬†Fur fabric often has a stiffer backing and you want it to hold it’s shape when you turn it inside out. ¬†The other tip is to use a thimble to protect your finger when pushing the needle through the fabric. ¬†The needle will have a little resistance going through the stiffer fabric and I don’t want you to get a sore finger!


Let’s get started!

Before we cut the furry fabric lets take a closer look at the direction the fur lays. ¬†It’s something we want to be aware of so we cut and sew the fabric with the fur going the same direction. ¬†For the finished pillow you want the fur direction on both sides going¬†down. ¬†(In the photo the fur direction is going up)


To cut the fur, flip it over to the back side of the fabric.  Focus on cutting the backing, avoiding the fur and letting it hang natural.


Measure and cut two 5″ x 5″ pieces. ¬†Clean off any stray fur.


Place the two pieces right sides together with the fur going in the same direction.  Pin at the corners and run your finger between the sides to poke in any fur that is sticking out.  This will help  with too much fur getting caught in the seam.


Secure it with pins on the sides.


Sew around the edges with 1/2″ seam allowance, leaving an opening on one side.


Clip the corners at a diagonal in the seam allowance.


Turn the pillow right side out through the opening.

Be sure to push the corners of the pillow out.  Use a capped pen in each corner, going through the pillow opening.

At the corners you can see some fur that was caught in the seam allowance.


Gently pull the fur ends out of the stitching by sliding a needle through the fur.


Stuff the pillow with batting through the opening.


Match up the opening sides.  Use your finger to tuck the edges under about the width of the seam allowance.  Pull the side tight to check the pillow shape and see if the seam allowance needs further adjusting.  Pin the side closed.

Stitch the side closed with needle and thread. Stitch through the inside of the seam going back and forth, catching each side and pulling it tight.  Tie it off at the end of the opening.


Congrats you made it!  How was your adventure with fur?

Sew A Fur Pillow For Dolls

I had an awesome time sewing this long fur! ¬† I love how furry and shaggy the fabric looks as a pillow! ¬†It’s amazing how this little piece of fur fabric could make such a cute doll pillow.

Sew A Fur Pillow For Dolls

Now depending on the length of fur and texture of the fabric you use you will get a different look! ¬†See there’s always another adventure awaiting!

Sew A Fur Pillow For Dolls

I hope you will try sewing with fur!  It is so fun to sew on different types of fabrics and this simple pillow is a perfect quick project to try it out!  Do it!  You will love the adventure!

Just in case you are interested, here is more about today’s post.

  • DollIvy is a retired historical character from American Girl.
  • OutfitSweet Savannah Dress is from American Girl
  • Scene–¬†Reversible Playscene: Sweet Shoppe is from My Doll’s Life.

Be adventurous, try something new and make something beautiful!